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  • welcome to watch Mojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst and most pointless console editions for this list.


  • We are looking at truly terrible, rare and limited edition consoles from throughout gaming history.


  • Let us know in the comments which one you'll be searching eBay for Number 10 gold PS five for close to $11,000.


  • A 24 karat gold plated PlayStation five, complete with disk drive, could be yours coming with equally gaudy accessories like a gold dual cents and a Gold Pulse Wireless headset.

    ディスクドライブを搭載した24金メッキの「PlayStation 5」には、ゴールドデュアルセントやゴールドパルスワイヤレスヘッドセットなどの豪華なアクセサリーが付属しています。

  • Of course, if solid gold just isn't to your liking, you can get PS five's coated in other precious metals as well, like Rose, Gold and Platinum.


  • But far worse than the fact that this gold PS five existed at all was that details about it were released before vital info on the regular model.


  • Though the luxury brands selling the PS five's wasn't technically partnered with Sony, it's still telling that we knew the price of this pointless object before the normal console.


  • Number nine Mountain Dew Xbox The love affair between gamers and Mountain Dew has been going strong for a long time, And in the days of the original Xbox, there was even a soda themed console to honor the pairing.

    9位 Mountain Dew Xbox ゲーマーとMountain Dewの関係は昔から続いており、初代Xboxの時代にはソーダをテーマにしたゲーム機も発売されていた。

  • This fluorescent green machine was available only via a promotion offered by Mountain Dew, meaning only the most dedicated do chugging gamers had a chance of winning one.

    この蛍光グリーンのマシンは、Mountain Dew社が提供するプロモーションでのみ入手可能で、熱心なドブ飲みゲーマーだけが獲得できるチャンスがありました。

  • Still, that's a whole lot of people.


  • And so a fair amount of people managed to amass the 550 points needed to redeem the prize.


  • Years later, Mountain Dew and Microsoft reunited, this time with Doritos as well for an Xbox one giveaway.

    数年後、Mountain DewとMicrosoftは再会し、今度はDoritosと一緒にXbox oneの景品を提供しました。

  • Get codes, especially more packages of Dew and Doritos and bank points for online auctions happening daily.


  • When time runs out, you could score one of thousands of Xbox one entertainment systems.

    時間切れになると、何千台ものXbox oneエンターテイメントシステムの中から1台を獲得することができます。

  • Number eight Tommy Hilfiger, GameBoy Color Nintendo claimed that its collaboration with fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger was a quote natural partnership when this bright yellow GameBoy was announced.

    8位 トミー・ヒルフィガー ゲームボーイカラー 任天堂は、ファッションブランドであるトミー・ヒルフィガーとのコラボレーションを「自然なパートナーシップ」とし、この鮮やかな黄色のゲームボーイを発表した。

  • But people were skeptical at the time and remain skeptical.


  • Looking back, a yellow GameBoy wasn't a bad idea after all.


  • You could get a standard console in this shade, but Nintendo decided to slap the Tommy Hilfiger logo on it, which kind of ruins the otherwise clean aesthetic on top of it, just looking a little weird.

    通常のゲーム機でもこの色合いのものはありますが、任天堂はTommy Hilfigerのロゴを入れてしまい、せっかくのきれいなデザインが台無しになってしまいました。

  • The whole thing felt rather pointless.


  • Who was the target demographic?


  • Nobody asked for Game console sponsored by clothing brands.


  • So it's little surprise that this trend never really caught on.


  • Number seven.


  • Hello, Kitty Xbox.

    Hello, Kitty Xbox」です。

  • This was a transparent or crystal Xbox with a big decal of the iconic Hello Kitty character on the top.


  • Hello, Kitty has had her name and image plastered over absolutely everything since the mid 19 seventies, but a Hello Kitty Xbox is still unusual.


  • This console didn't come out of nowhere, however, as it was actually a tie in for the 2000 and five game Hello, Kitty Roller Rescue, aka Mission Rescue.

    しかし、このゲーム機はいきなり登場したわけではなく、実は2000年と5年に発売されたゲーム「ハロー、キティ ローラーレスキュー」、通称「ミッションレスキュー」とのタイアップだったのです。

  • If you desperately wanted this particular console, you had to jump through quite a few hoops because it was only available to buy if you bought certain Samsung TVs in Singapore, it was targeted at women and girls, but with less than 600 units ever made, we doubt it had much effect.


  • Number six Shrek, Game Boy Advance SP Mm.

    6位 シュレック ゲームボーイアドバンスSP うむ。

  • In the early two thousand's, Shrek took the world by storm as DreamWorks comedic take on the fairytale genre.


  • It was a hit, and in 2000 and four, the sequel, Shrek two, was released along with Italian Game for the Game Boy Advance.


  • It was a surprisingly playable title, but an ugly lime green and orange console appeared as well and was offered with the game on a promotion by Toys R Us.


  • It isn't clear whether this was just a coincidence or if it really is a limited edition Shrek console.


  • If anything, the fact that people are unsure whether it was designed with Shrek in mind or not only makes matters worse.


  • But why pick these hideous colours Otherwise, Number five Coca Cola game gear?

    しかし、なぜこのような醜い色を選んだのでしょうか? そうでなければ、ナンバー5のコカ・コーラのゲームギアを選んだことになります。

  • Uh huh.


  • If you think gamers who drink Mountain Dew get too much attention, never fear.


  • There are limited edition consoles for whatever your soda of choice is.


  • If you're in the mood to have a Coke, then you might want to check out this rare Sega game gear that was sponsored by Coca Cola and came and Bright Red along with the console itself.


  • You also got a tie in game Coca Cola Kid, a decent but forgettable two D platformer.

    また、同梱されていた『Coca Cola Kid』というゲームは、まずまずの出来だったが、忘れられてしまった2Dプラットフォーマーだ。

  • But despite Coca Cola being an American company the Coke game gear was never available outside Japan.


  • This is ironic, considering the world's top three consumers of Coca Cola are all in North America.


  • Mexico, the US and Canada.


  • Yeah, number four Audi R eight.

    そう、ナンバー4のAudi R 8。

  • Xbox one s.

    Xbox one s.

  • Yeah, yeah, consoles are all well and good, but don't you wish your brand new device looked a bit more like a car?


  • Finally, in 2016, Microsoft made that dream come true.


  • Releasing an Xbox one s designed to look like an Audi R eight.

    Audi R 8をイメージしたXbox one sを発売。

  • The council was made to promote Forza Horizon three.

    Forza Horizon 3」のプロモーションのために作られた協議会です。

  • And in keeping with the fact that Audi is a German brand, the competition to win it was only available in Germany.


  • Oh, and the custom controller was an eyesore, marginally better with the other two Horizon three consoles available in Australia and France and modeled after a Ford Mustang and a Lamborghini Centenario, respectively.

    また、オーストラリアとフランスで販売されている他の2台のHorizon 3コンソールに比べてわずかにマシで、それぞれフォード・マスタングとランボルギーニ・センテナリオをモデルにしたカスタム・コントローラーは目障りだった。

  • Number three.


  • Suzuki s Xbox, 3 60.

    鈴木さんのXbox、3 60.

  • Forget just looking like a car, though in the early days of the Xbox 3 60 Microsoft teamed up with Suzuki to produce an actual car in order to promote their state of the art console.

    見た目だけではなく、Xbox 3 60の初期の頃、マイクロソフトはスズキと協力して、最新のゲーム機を宣伝するために実際の車を製作しました。

  • This car was a modified Suzuki SX four, back when the SX four was new and shiny as well, and featured Xbox branding on the outside and an actual Xbox 3 60 plus multiple controllers on the inside.

    この車はスズキのSX4を改造したもので、SX4も新車でピカピカだった頃のもので、外側にはXboxのブランドロゴ、内側には実際のXbox 3 60と複数のコントローラーが搭載されていました。

  • The console was built right into the dashboard for your convenience.


  • It also had a television in the trunk, and when the hood was popped open, you could use a projector to create a display as well.


  • Something tells us that a gaming controller in the steering wheel isn't road legal.


  • Number two Marlboro Atari Lynx Cigarette advertising was already highly regulated by the launch of the Atari Lynx in 1989.

    その2 Marlboro Atari Lynx 1989年にAtari Lynxが発売された時点で、タバコの広告はすでに厳しく規制されていた。

  • But that didn't stop Marlboro from putting its branding on everything it was legally able to.


  • This bright red handheld could be yours if you collected enough points from buying Marlboro cigarettes, though this was presumably for kids whose parents smoked it stinks of Marbro trying to form a connection with the Children themselves, establishing that famous tobacco brand loyalty from an early age.


  • The links came with its own game to Marlborough Go where players control the motorcyclist decked out in Marlboro Red.

    このリンクにはMarlborough Goというゲームがあり、プレイヤーはMarlboro Redを身にまとったオートバイを操作します。

  • This would definitely not be allowed today before we unveil our top pick.


  • Here are a few dishonorable mentions.


  • MTV Game Cubes MTV licensed a handful of these gaudy game cubes from Nintendo.

    MTV Game Cubes MTVは任天堂からこの派手なゲームキューブのライセンスを一握り取得していた。

  • Taco Bell.


  • Xbox 3 60 Slim.

    Xbox 3 60スリム。

  • This purple 3 60 would actually look pretty good if it wasn't for that Taco Bell logo.

    このパープルの3 60は、タコベルのロゴがなければ、かなり見栄えのするものです。

  • This is cool.


  • Sega Saturn There was nothing cool about this incredibly bland Sega Saturn.

    セガサターン 驚くほどシンプルなセガサターンには、何のかっこよさもありませんでした。

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  • Number one Nintendo Wii Supreme.

    ナンバーワンの任天堂Wii Supreme。

  • Oh, okay.


  • If you thought the gold PS five was a waste of money, wait until you get a load of this limited edition gold plated Nintendo Wii.

    金色のPS5が無駄遣いだと思っていた人は、この金メッキされた限定版のNintendo Wiiを手にするまで待ってください。

  • It was created by British designer Stuart Hughes, who makes the gold.


  • We's to order for the hefty sum of almost $500,000.


  • He buys the wheeze from Nintendo and then covers them not only in 88 ounces of gold, but 78 tiny diamonds as well the diamonds and crushed the face buttons But the real kicker is.


  • While Stuart Hughes did also make some similarly horrible golden PS three's, he doesn't make Golden we remotes so you won't have a controller to match.

    Stuart Hughes氏は、同じように恐ろしい金色のPS 3を作っていましたが、Golden we remoteは作っていないので、それに合うコントローラはありません。

  • Not unless you can't want in gold yourself that is in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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welcome to watch Mojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst and most pointless console editions for this list.


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