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This is TWIT
I was all set to cover TunIin radio couple weeks ago
when it postponed for a bit but I haven't forgotten let's talk about it now
TuneIn radio got a nice design update,I think is just peachy it really deserves a look if you like radio
and who doesn't like radio?
terrestrial radio satellite radio audio podcast radio,TuneIn handles all of that
you can follow your favorite sports stations,music
talk radio,every genre you can think of TuneIn has something for you, the company claim over 100,000 traditional radio stations
and over four million podcast so that's a pretty healthy catalog
and if you're already familiar with tune in radio
there are a few things that have gotten better
first,your favorites list has been changed now it's just the stations that you follow
I think that makes more sense if you're following it you want to hear about it
you also see how much time is left on a show that you're listening to
obviously very helpful if you know you've only got thirty minutes or some other limited time to finish a show
car mode is easy to toggle on and off to the Browse tab
the idea of car mode is you're not supposed to be looking at your iPhone ever
when you're in the car. but let's say you're at a stop play
you have to very quickly press play or search or something like that
you should have a very simple interface with big letters
that won't distract you too much. we've talked a lot about audio on the show
recently I talked about the podcasts out just last week
Downcast is another good one that thing though is that with TuneIn Radio
it's very all-encompassing it's an all encompassing up that's good for podcast
and for radio KCRW for example that's a really awesome station down in Los Angeles
that's here as well as the entire TWIT live of course
I would say I've a tiny grape with i-five not having more subscribers
209 I last check I don't think so you guys
maybe it's because we all prefer just watch me I don't know


TuneIn Radio: iFive for the iPhone 93

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