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  • voting rights advocates.


  • Stacey Abrams argued on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday that the Senate should suspend the filibuster for the election reform bill passed by the House this month, saying the quote protection of democracy is so fundamental that it should be exempt from the filibuster rules on this vote.

    ステイシー・エイブラムス氏は、日曜日に放送されたCNNの「State of the Union」で、今月下院で可決された選挙制度改革法案について、上院はフィリバスター(議事妨害)を停止すべきだと主張し、「民主主義の保護は非常に基本的なことなので、今回の投票ではフィリバスターのルールを免除すべきだ」と述べました。

  • The ayes are 2 20 and the nays are to 10.

    賛成は2 20、反対は10になります。

  • In a near party line vote on March 3rd, the Democratic controlled House passed the sweeping election reform bill, which would update voting procedures, increase voter participation and require states to turn over the task of redrawing congressional districts to independent commissions.


  • But it faces long odds in the Senate, where there is a debate among Democrats who narrowly control the chamber.


  • Thanks to two victories in Georgia, where Abrams led successful voter registration efforts on whether to modify or even eliminate the filibuster a long standing fixture that makes it so most legislation cannot advance without the 60 votes needed to break it.


  • Abrams argued that the filibuster already has been scaled back and does not apply to judicial or cabinet appointments and some budgetary measures, and should not apply to voting rights legislation either Democrats have argued that the legislation is necessary to lower barriers to voting.


  • Republicans have said it would take powers away from the states.


  • Democrats have accused Republicans at the state level of pursuing voter suppression laws for partisan advantage.


  • For example, a bill passed by the Republican controlled House in Georgia this month would restrict ballot drop boxes, titan absentee voting requirements and limit early voting on Sundays, curtailing traditional souls to the polls.


  • Voter turnout programs in black churches.


voting rights advocates.



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Stacy Abrams氏、投票法案のフィリバスター解除を要請 (Stacy Abrams urges lifting filibuster for voting bill)

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