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(speaking Portuguese)
I'm learning Portuguese at the moment so I'm obsessed.
Any who, many, many of you have asked me to do a video about how to pack for long trips.
So let's roll up our sleeves and get to it!
Here's the deal. Whether you're going to be travelling for 1, 2 or 3 months, what you're gonna take is exactly the same.
You plan to take enough to wear for 2 weeks and you do some laundry.
That's the key!
And it's all going to fit in one 45-pound medium-sized suitcase.
Step 1: The Basics
Underwear and socks
Okay so you could either take 14 pairs of underwear which can take up a lot of space, or enough for one week and just wash them every couple of nights.
Next, sleep wear and lounging.
Three sets is enough.
Just remember, you'll need some lounge wear on to workout gear.
Wherever I go, I run so I always bring these.
Two outfits that are easy to wash and running shoes.
Step 2: The Basics
Pick pieces that are versatile.
Let's start with pants.
1 pair of jeans
1 other pair of pants
1 pair of darker pants
Make sure you can wash all of these yourself.
Now, shirts that go with those pants.
4 solid t-shirts
2 patterned
1 dressy
2 button-downs
2 camis
I love to take some dresses and skirts.
They are so versatile but of course, it depends on weather.
So I add a couple of these.
If you're into shorts, switch them out.
And the good thing, they don't take up lots of space.
On to jackets and sweaters
1 solid sweater
1 jacket
and my life saver, my scarf, slash sarong, slash skirt, slash sometimes shirt sometimes pillow, sometimes blanket…oh, I love you!
On to shoes, 3 pairs of shoes
Yes! Just three!
One for day, one for night/day, and one for lounging around.
Guys, even though I'm using women's clothes, it's the same concept for you.
If we stick to one palette, colors that match all amongst them, then we'll be able to create a plethora of outfits.
Check this out!
Let's grab one pair of pants and create bunch of outfits with it.
Final tips, if you're travelling for more than 2 weeks, forget about toiletries.
Get them there!
Just take enough for the first few nights and that's it!
But don't forget your medications.
Now, a few extras that I always pack:
a quick dry camping towel.
Most places have tiny puny towels.
A couple of softener sheets which I put in my bag to keep clothes smelling fresh and a bag to put dirty clothes in.
and keep odor away from the clean ones.
And that is it.
Now, are you thinking that this is too little?
Well, how many times have you travelled and come back with your suitcase half untouched?
Follow these tips and that will not happen again.
Come back next Thursday for more travel tips.
Let me know what you think below.
See you then! Ciao!
Psst! Hey! Don't leave yet!
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【旅行】スーツケースの荷造り・パッキング術 (Travel Tips: How to Pack for Long Trips)

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