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  • Bring it up

  • All the way

  • Dad, you can't keep spending money on junk.

  • I can break it down strip it for parts,

  • This stuff is what's going to put you through college.

  • Something in here is to make this family some money.

  • Come on, you old wreck.

  • Judgement Day.

  • What the hell happened to you

  • LookIt's not normal steel

  • I don't think it's a truck at all.

  • I think we just found a Transformer.

  • Dad~~!

  • I'm gonna ask you this once.

  • Where's Optimus Prime?

  • You know, we got a rule about messing with people from Texas.

  • A new era has begun.

  • The age of Transformers

  • is over.

  • Don't you get it

  • We don't need you...anymore.

  • Dad~!

  • You should never come after my family.

  • Oh my god!!!

  • Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Bring it up


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