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  • a call to Jerusalem's ultra Orthodox community to get vaccinated.


  • Outside the synagogue in the neighborhood of Horn off, a poster bears the name of a young mother and her unborn child with the stark warning for the ascension of her soul Get vaccinated.

    ホーン・オフの近所にあるシナゴーグの外には、若い母親とその胎児の名前を記したポスターが貼られており、彼女の魂の昇天を促す厳しい警告が記されています。 ワクチンを接種しましょう。

  • Both are part of an Israeli Health Ministry campaign aimed at Israel's horrid um, community that's been hardest hit by the coronavirus.


  • The campaign appears to be paying off as the rate of infections among the haredim has dropped sharply as members of the community like Abraham Ellis take the shot.


  • At first, people were hesitant, but now more and more people like myself.


  • I was vaccinated today actually coming to be vaccinated.


  • We understand the the seriousness of the situation out of all hard, um, eligible for vaccinations.


  • 72% have received at least one shot, a relatively high rate globally but still below the national rate of 86% in Israel.


  • Ron Balancer of Call It, Israel's biggest healthcare provider, says working closely with community leaders has been one of the key factors in their success.

    イスラエル最大の医療機関であるCall It社のロン・バランサー氏は、地域のリーダーと密接に協力することが成功の鍵の一つであると語る。

  • I personally went to rabbinical classes and set with the rabbis and with the public we have had an open discussion about vaccine safety and effectiveness, and the bottom line was that the rabbis have declared a rabbinical verdict that the vaccine is safe and effective and should be taken.


  • And this is why we see now a very good uptake of the vaccines in this ultra Orthodox community.


  • The haredim, who make up about 12% of Israel's 9.3 million population, comprise over a quarter of the country's total recorded 800,000 coronavirus cases, according to Israel's Wiseman Institute of Science.


a call to Jerusalem's ultra Orthodox community to get vaccinated.



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B2 中上級 日本語 イスラエル ワクチン 接種 コミュニティ 予防 割合

イスラエルのハレディムにワクチン接種を呼びかける (A call to Israel's Haredim to get vaccinated)

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