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  • war in the East War in the West.

    war in the East War in the West.

  • Welcome to watch Mojo.

    Welcome to watch Mojo.

  • And today we're counting down the complete list of musicians that were banned from SNL.


  • Thank you.


  • And remember, I'm reading this off these cards underneath this camera here.


  • I'm saying I'm sorry.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, there's no reason to do this song here for this list.


  • We're looking at every band and musician that's been blacklisted from performing on Saturday Night Live.


  • Which of these stories is your favorite?


  • Let us know.


  • In the comments below number eight David Bowie, this legendary musician performed several times on Saturday Night Live musical guest David.


  • The first was at the height of his career in December of 1979.


  • Three more performances followed one with his band, Tin Machine and later as a solo act in 1997 and 1999.

    その後、バンド「Tin Machine」との共演を経て、1997年と1999年にソロで3回の公演を行いました。

  • However, his appearance in 1997 resulted in a brief banned from the show.


  • Yeah, yeah, beforehand.


  • Loren Michaels had admitted to Bowie over dinner that during the darkest period of his life he would listen to Bowie's albums, scary Monsters and super creeps.

    ローレン・マイケルズは、人生の最も暗い時期にボウイのアルバム『scary Monsters and super creeps』を聴いていたことを夕食時にボウイに認めていた。

  • Bowie was promoting his 20th studio album, Earthling, and was scheduled to perform its lead single Telling Lies.

    ボウイは20枚目のスタジオアルバム『Earthling』のプロモーションで、リードシングル「Telling Lies」を演奏する予定でした。

  • Instead, Bowie performed the album's title song, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps to scorn Michaels as the two were fighting over creative differences.

    その代わり、ボウイはアルバムのタイトル曲「Scary Monsters and Super Creeps」を演奏して、クリエイティブな違いから喧嘩をしていたマイケルズを侮辱した。

  • Really, Yes.


  • Bowie was immediately removed from the studio and band.


  • He was allowed to return in 1999 however, to promote Hours number seven.


  • The Replacements.


  • This rock band made their first and last appearance on Saturday Night Live on January 18th, 1986.


  • Too tired to yeah, serving as a major influence in the alt rock genre.

    Too tired to yeah、アルトロックというジャンルに大きな影響を与えました。

  • The Replacements had released their fourth studio album, Tim.


  • The previous September, Tim was the band's major label debut, having been released by Warner Sire Records.


  • The band performed a song called Bastards of Young before making their way back stage and doing what eighties rock stars did, getting totally wasted.

    バンドは「Bastards of Young」という曲を演奏した後、ステージに戻り、80年代のロックスターがやっていたように、完全に酔っ払ってしまいました。

  • We're on stage, we're ready.


  • But the percussion player is not there, and the percussion player starts this song.


  • When they returned to perform Kiss Me on the Bus, the audience was met with a complete horror show.

    復帰して「Kiss Me on the Bus」を演奏すると、観客は完全なホラーショーを目の当たりにした。

  • Mhm, yes, mhm.

    Mhm, yes, mhm.

  • The replacements barely even played the song, resorting instead to stumbling around the stage and bumping into each other in a drunken frenzy.


  • Suffice it to say they were never asked to return to SNL, and they were even banned from NBC for 30 years.


  • Number six Fear Saturday Night Live owes a lot to John Belushi, but they were incensed with the comedian at the end of 1981.

    第6位 恐怖のサタデー・ナイト・ライブはジョン・ベルーシに多くを負っていますが、1981年の終わりにはコメディアンに憤慨していました。

  • Formed in the late seventies, Fear is a hardcore punk band that greatly influenced the likes of Guns and Roses, Megadeth and Sound Garden.

    70年代後半に結成されたFearは、Guns and Roses、Megadeth、Sound Gardenなどに大きな影響を与えたハードコアパンクバンドです。

  • Belushi was a huge fan of the band, and he personally recommended them for the 1981 Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live I don't care about his intentions were good, but that was a bad, bad idea.


  • The band used obscene language and intentionally trolled the audience by stating, It's great to be in New Jersey.

    バンドは卑猥な言葉を使い、「It's great to be in New Jersey」と言ってわざと観客を荒らしました。

  • They also brought in slam dancers, including Belushi, who reportedly cost $20,000 worth of damage while performing their final song, Let's Have a War.

    また、ベルーシをはじめとするスラムダンサーも登場し、最後の曲「Let's Have a War」のパフォーマンスで2万ドルの損害を出したと言われています。

  • Director Dave Wilson cut the transmission and faded to commercial, effectively ending Fears Night and their time on SNL number five Cyprus Hill As one of the most influential acts in West Coast hip hop, Cyprus Hill was incredibly popular in the early nineties, same as the membrane.

    ディレクターのデイブ・ウィルソンは、送信をカットしてコマーシャルにフェードインし、フィアーズナイトとSNLでの彼らの活動を事実上終了させた。 第5位 Cyprus Hill 西海岸のヒップホップで最も影響力のあるアーティストの一人であるCyprus Hillは、メンブレインと同じように90年代前半に信じられないほどの人気を誇っていた。

  • Four of their first five albums went platinum, with the first two going multi platinum, and they earned three straight Grammy nominations for best rap performance.


  • Inside of the Membrane, the group appeared on Saturday Night Live at the height of their careers, serving as the musical guest.

    Inside of the Membrane」では、キャリアの絶頂期にある「Saturday Night Live」に出演し、音楽ゲストを務めました。

  • On October 2nd, 1993 they had just released their number one triple platinum album, Black Sunday.


  • I don't Know, Miley Oh, after performing the group trashed their instruments while DJ Muggs lit a joint on live TV.

    I don't Know, Miley Oh」を披露した後、グループは楽器をゴミ箱に捨て、DJ Muggsはテレビの生放送でタバコを吸っていました。

  • That's a big no, no today.


  • Never mind.


  • Back in 1993.


  • Going out like that, we ain't going out like that.


  • The band had just finished performing I ain't going out like that, but they did indeed go out like that.

    バンドは「I ain't going out like that」の演奏を終えたばかりだったが、実際にはそのように出て行った。

  • Number four.


  • Elvis Costello.

    Elvis Costelloです。

  • Sometimes Lorne Michaels has been a little band happy case in point.


  • Banning the otherwise inoffensive Elvis Costello, Costello helped usher in the new wave craze of the eighties with albums like this year's Model and Armed Forces.

    無難なエルビス・コステロを追放したコステロは、今年の『Model』や『Armed Forces』などのアルバムで、80年代のニューウェーブブームの先駆けとなりました。

  • His debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in July of 1977 five months later, he served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

    1977年7月にデビューアルバム「My Aim Is True」をリリースし、その5ヵ月後には「Saturday Night Live」の音楽ゲストを務めた。

  • That's girls.


  • That one with the defect celebrated Shrink wrap so correct.


  • Costello was supposed to play less than zero, but he stopped the performance 15 seconds in and launched into a media critical song called Radio Radio.

    コステロはゼロ以下の演奏をするはずだったが、演奏開始15秒で演奏を止め、『Radio Radio』というメディア批判の曲を始めてしまった。

  • I'm Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there's no reason to do this song here.

    I'm Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there is no reason to do this song here.

  • The unexpected surprise and critical message behind the song ticked off Michael's and Costello was banned from Saturday Night Live for the next 12 years.


  • He eventually returned on March 25th, 1989.


  • You bet some food number three.


  • Frank Zappa Hard musician to categorize.

    フランク・ザッパ 分類するのが難しい音楽家。

  • Frank Zappa was an eclectic artist who dabbled in experimental music, jazz, orchestral and traditional rock n roll, just to name a few genres just to raise me up a crop of dental flaws.


  • While never a big commercial success, Zappa nevertheless generated strong acclaim and respect from his peers for his technical complexity and originality.


  • Zappa hosted Saturday Night Live on October 21st 1978.


  • Thank you, and remember, I'm reading this off these cards underneath this camera here.


  • His 24th studio album, Studio Tan, was released just one month prior.

    その1ヶ月前に24枚目のスタジオ・アルバム『Studio Tan』をリリースしました。

  • Yeah, let me get to Zap approved just as experimental in front of a camera as he was behind a microphone.


  • Hey, Frank, do you need something to keep you awake?


  • Take it.


  • I don't do drugs.


  • Zappa intentionally sabotaged his own performance by making faces at the camera, reading his lines slowly and without much effort and continuously referring to the cue cards.


  • Reportedly everyone hated working with him, and he was never asked to return.


  • Number two Rage against the Machine.

    2位 レイジ・アゲインスト・ザ・マシーン

  • Sometimes an artist decides to go off script and sabotages an episode through their own creative imagination, and sometimes the producers bring it on themselves.


  • This is exactly what happened on April 13th, 1996 shadowing the most for some bizarre reason, SNL decided to pair Republican presidential nominee Steve Forbes with musical guests.


  • Rage against the Machine.

    Rage against the Machine」です。

  • As many of you may know, I was campaigning for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States.


  • Rage was widely known as a very outspoken in political rock band with a hard left and revolutionary persuasion, and they weren't afraid to get active and get active.


  • They did.


  • The band performed their hit song Bulls on Parade and to protest the political views of host Steve Forbes, they decided to hang inverted American flags from their amplifiers.

    バンドはヒット曲「Bulls on Parade」を披露し、司会のスティーブ・フォーブスの政治的見解に抗議するために、逆さにしたアメリカ国旗をアンプに吊るすことにしました。

  • This really ticked off the producers, and the band wasn't given a second chance.


  • The set was cut short and the members were asked to leave.


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  • Number one she made O Connor.


  • You could say that nothing compares to this legendary Saturday Night Live band.


  • O'Connor was best known for her cover of Prince's Nothing Compares to You, with the song receiving heavy rotation on MTV and peaking at number one around the world.

    オコナーは、プリンスの「Nothing Compares to You」をカバーしたことで知られており、この曲はMTVでヘビーローテーションされ、世界で1位を獲得しました。

  • I see.


  • By the end of 1990 Nothing Compares to You was the best performing song on the Euro chart.

    1990年末には、Nothing Compares to Youがユーロチャートで最もパフォーマンスの高い曲となった。

  • Hot 100 the second best on the UK singles chart and the third on the Billboard Hot 100 Success put me in second place.

    Hot 100ではイギリスのシングルチャートで2位、Billboard Hot 100では3位の成功を収め、2位になりました。

  • O'Connor subsequently appeared as the musical guest on the October 3rd 1992 episode of Saturday Night Live.


  • However, O'Connor planned much bigger things than performing a popular song.


  • Everywhere is War War in the East.

    どこもかしこもWar War War in the East。

  • War in the West.


  • In protest of the Catholic Church, O'Connor performed a cover of Bob Marley's War and ripped a photo of Pope John Paul, The second into pieces.


  • We have confidence in the victory of Good over evil.


  • Yeah, this generated an enormous amount of controversy, and O'Connor never returned to SNL.


  • There was an incident on the show last week.


  • Shannon O Connor tore up a picture of the pope, and I thought that was wrong.


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  • Mhm, mhm.

    Mhm, mhm.

war in the East War in the West.

war in the East War in the West.

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