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  • she loved nursing.


  • Um, she was She was like most of us are age, you know, trying to get ready to, I guess.


  • Retire When Steve Cycles wife Susan developed a cough and worsening fever last March, he drove her to the emergency room at Clara Moss Medical Center in New Jersey, where Susan had worked for years as a nurse.

    Retire スティーブ・サイクルズの妻スーザンが昨年3月に咳と悪化した熱を出したとき、彼はスーザンが長年看護師として働いていたニュージャージー州のクララ・モス医療センターの緊急治療室に彼女を連れて行きました。

  • They admitted her and her breathing got worse.


  • And her, uh, you know, her blood pressure and you know, many other things started to deteriorate until, you know they needed to admit her to the intensive care unit.


  • Susan had contracted Covid, 19, as her breathing and blood pressure deteriorated.


  • She was given azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine and put on a ventilator.


  • 11 days after being admitted, she went into cardiac arrest and died at the age of 60.


  • By the time we got to the hospital, she had already been pronounced, and we had never gotten sick.


  • Allah is now the first person to be pursuing a covid 19 claim with the U.


  • S government fund called the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program, or C I C.

    C I C(Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program)と呼ばれる米国政府の基金です。

  • P set up a decade ago, the fund has up to $30 billion that can be used to compensate for serious injuries or deaths caused by treatments or vaccines in the fight against the pandemic.


  • And Covid 19 presents the first serious test of the program, overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.

    Covid 19は、米国保健社会福祉省が監督するこのプログラムの最初の本格的なテストです。

  • It has, in the past denied compensation in 90% of the cases filed prior to the pandemic, mostly for H one n one flu vaccines.


  • There's nothing that's going to bring her back, but obviously with with our two Children and now two grandchildren, if there's something that we can do to help them out, um, you know that would that would be nice and helpful.


  • But nothing's going, nothing's going to bring her back.


  • And you know that while he is not alleging negligence against the hospital, See, Cala could receive around $367,000 from the virtually untapped fund if he can show the treatment caused his wife's death seek.


  • Allah's lawyer, Jonathan Levit, said the electrocardiogram records show Susan seek.


  • Allah's heart rhythms were disrupted by hydroxychloroquine and as I throw Mason, so those two in combination were known to be deadly now and unfortunately that's what she did have, and she was also placed on a ventilator, which, as you as you know, also has some substantial dangers.


  • Levitt said he has more than 200 clients planning to seek compensation for deaths allegedly caused by failed covid 19 treatments.


  • He said most of the cases are related to the anti malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine.


she loved nursing.


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