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  • Water is amazing!


  • It's necessary for life to exist, makes you healthier, and it's incredibly refreshing especially after an intense workout.

  • But is water intoxication a real thing?


  • Can you drink too much water?


  • We're often told to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy,

    私たちはしばしば健康を維持するために水の8杯の周りを飲むように言われていますが、正直なところ、この特定の数字は<a href='#post_comment_1'>sewhat<i class="icon-star"></i>恣意的であり、科学的研究はそれをサポートするために存在していないということです。

  • but the honest truth is that this specific number is somewhat arbitrary, and no scientific research exists to support it.

  • Regardless, we know water is incredibly important; in fact, every organism we know of requires water to survive.

    それにもかかわらず、私たちは水が信じられないほど重要であることを知っています; 実際、私たちが知っているすべての生物は、生き延びるために水を必要とします。

  • Not only does it help the human body to bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells, regulate body temperatures and aid metabolism, but it flushes waste out of the body.

    <a href='#post_comment_2'>Notだけでなく、<i class="icon-star"></i>人体が細胞に酸素と栄養素をもたらし、体温を調節し、代謝を助けるのを助けるだけでなく、体内の老廃物を洗い流します。

  • Sweat out too much during a sporting event, and you'll start to feel a bit woozy.


  • Three days without water, and you likely won't survive.


  • So how could such an essential substance hurt us? It all comes down to the cellular level.

    仝それにしても、このような本質的な物質が、どうして私たちを傷つけることができるのでしょうか?それはすべての<a href='#post_comment_3'>comes down to<i class="icon-star"></i>細胞レベル。

  • The water you drink has very few electrolytes in it - things like sodium or potassium - especially compared to your cells.


  • The electrolytes in your cells allow your muscles and nerves to work properly, and help to control blood pressure and blood volume.


  • Without them, your body cannot function.


  • Now normally, the difference in the electrolyte concentration inside and outside the cell wouldn't pose a problem, because your kidneys flush out any excess water.

    は機能しません。さて、通常、内部の電解質濃度の差と細胞の外に出ても問題はない 腎臓が余分な水分を洗い流すからだ

  • However, the kidneys can only excrete fluid at a certain rate.


  • This means that consuming a lot of water in a short period of time creates a large concentration difference.


  • As a result, water is drawn into the cells in an attempt to dilute the concentration and even out the proportion of electrolytes, and this causes the cells to swell.


  • The problem is, unlike other parts of your body, the brain literally has no room inside the skull for these newly plump cells.

    問題は、あなたの体の他の部分とは異なり、脳<a href='#post_comment_5'>文字通り<i class="icon-star"></i></a>は、これらの新たにふっくらとした細胞のための頭蓋骨の内側に部屋を持っていません。

  • This results in extreme headaches and confusion, leading to seizures, comas, respiratory arrest and even death.


  • So should you be worried? Not likely!


  • Cases of water intoxication are very rare, though they do happen in extreme circumstances.

    極端な状況では起こりますマラソンランナーの1/6近くが 軽度の症状を発症します

  • Close to 1/6 of marathon runners develop mild cases in their careers, with all endurance athletes at a higher risk.

    キャリアの中でのケースでは すべての持久系アスリートの方が リスクが高いとされていますこれは、次のような理由からです。

  • This is because under the extremes of athletic stress, the body attempts to conserve water.


  • So not only are you taking more water in, you're peeing less out.


  • Science says, though you're not likely to suffer from water intoxication, you should drink to your thirst - it's the best indicator!

    科学が言うには、水中毒になる可能性は低くても喉の渇きに合わせて飲む - それは最高の指標です

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Water is amazing!


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