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  • Hi, everybody. It's okay to be gay. Did you know that? Did you know that in Canada,


  • we have one of the highest gay populations in the world? So guess what? If you're thinking


  • of coming to Canada to study English, you've got to be careful. You've got to wake up.


  • You've got to change your mind. You've to change your thinking if you are homophobic.


  • "Homophobic" means you do not like or are afraid of gay people. So here's the lesson.

    "ホモフォビック "とは 同性愛者を好きではない、または恐れているという意味ですだからここで教訓になります。

  • Here's a head up: Don't be ignorant. Don't be stupid. Listen to what I've got to tell you.


  • I'll teach you some very interesting facts. You must keep an open mind.


  • In your country, maybe there are no gay people. Guess what? They're all coming here. You have many,


  • many, many, thousands, millions of gay people living in your country. There are gay people


  • everywhere all over the world, so get used to it. We're here. We're queer. Get used to

    世界中のどこにでもあるので 慣れてください私たちはここにいる私たちはクィアよ慣れるんだ

  • it. You go, girlfriend.


  • So check this out. We have this umbrella term -- as some people like to say -- called "queer".

    これを見てくれ私たちはこの包括的な用語を持っていますある人たちが好きなように "クィア "と呼ばれています

  • "Queer" means "LGBT". Now, apparently there are some other letters after that, but they're

    "Queer "は "LGBT "という意味です。さて、どうやらそのあとには他の文字もあるようですが、それらは

  • too long and complicated for me to explain to you because I yet do not understand them. One


  • thing that you have to be through this is understanding. Everyone is not a clear-cut


  • image of what they should be. Some people hide things. "You have a penis? But you are just like a woman."


  • Wow. Surprise? Go to Thailand. "Queer": lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.


  • Let's go through what these mean. A lot of the times, you'll see "LGBT community" or


  • "LGBT-friendly". This means if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, come on in.


  • Sit down. Have a coffee. We like you. We don't care what you do behind closed doors.


  • So "lesbian" -- a lot of people know from adult videos, and a lot of people like adult videos of lesbians.


  • But do you know that there are real people that are really lesbians and


  • they're not all beautiful porn stars? Oh, no. Lesbians are girls who like girls. If


  • anyone's familiar with the band Blur, you might know this song.


  • "Gay" can mean both "lesbian" and "gay", but we usually use it for boys who like boys.

    "ゲイ "は "レズビアン "と "ゲイ "の両方の意味がありますが、通常は男の子が好きな男の子に対して使います。

  • "Girls who like girls who like boys who like boys" -- then we have "bisexual".

    "男の子が好きな女の子が好きな男の子が好きな女の子" -- そうすると "バイセクシャル "があります。

  • Do you know that in English, "bi" means "two"? "Bicycle" -- "bisexual". "Bisexual" means if you're a boy,

    英語で "bi "は "二人 "という意味だと知っていますか?"bicycle" -- "bisexual "です。"bisexual "は男の子ならという意味です。

  • you like boys and girls. Anything goes. You're like, "I'll have that one and that


  • one -- yeah. All of them. Come on. Let's go." Okay? We have slang for this. You could say,


  • "He or she swings both ways." Badda, badda swing. So this means that they like boys and

    "彼か彼女は両方向にスイングする"バダ バダ スウィングつまり、彼らは男の子が好きで

  • girls. Cool. Options are open.


  • Another one that is in this acronym -- the T, "transgender". Now, "transgender" is a

    もう一つはこの頭文字をとったものでTは "トランスジェンダー "ですトランスジェンダーは

  • little bit difficult for me to explain to you, but I will try. "Transgender people"


  • mean they are born with either male or female parts. For example, I was born with woman


  • parts, but in my heart, in my soul, I don't think that I am a woman. I think that I am a man.


  • So maybe I will wear men's clothes. Maybe I will outwardly look like a man,


  • but I still have the female body parts. The same would go for a man who is transgender.


  • This means that he has the man parts, but he feels like a woman. "Feel like a woman."


  • Oh, yeah, it's karaoke time with Ronnie. Okay. So this means that the man may dress like a woman.


  • Maybe they're very sexy. But then, it's a man. Cool. No problem. Don't be surprised.


  • Just keep an open mind.


  • We have some slang terms for lesbians. Now, please be careful when you are using slang.


  • I don't care what the situation is; I don't care what the word is; be careful.


  • Some people are sensitive. So we use the words "dyke" and "butch" to mean "lesbians".


  • For gay men-- because they're men -- you have "twinkie" and "bear". Isn't that cute? From what I understand,


  • a "twinkie" is a man who is very cute. Maybe he is younger. Maybe he acts a little bit more like a woman.

    a "twinkie "は、とてもかわいい男性です。年下なのかもしれません。もしかしたら、彼は少し女性に近い行動をするのかもしれません。

  • Did I mention he's cute? He's so cute. Usually has beautiful, beautiful clothes.


  • Again, I might be stereotyping, so I have to be careful. And a "bear" is a man


  • who maybe, to you, looks more like a man. Now, "twinkies" are easier to see


  • because they would be more effeminate, which mean they look more like a girl. "Bears" look more

    それは女の子に似ているという意味でもあります"クマ "の方が

  • -- kind of like a bear -- like a man. They usually have a beard. They're usually muscular

    -- 熊のような...人間のような...普通はひげを生やしている普通は筋肉質で

  • and hairy on the chest. So sexy those bears. So cute those twinkies. I don't really know


  • any slang words for bisexual people. The only thing that I know is "somebody swings both ways".

    バイセクシャルのスラングは何でもいいのよ私が知っているのは "someone swings both ways "だけです。

  • We have other terms for people who are gay. Somebody might say, "Hey. Have you seen Sharon?"

    同性愛者を表す言葉は 他にもあるわ誰かが言うかもしれない 「シャロンを見なかったか?

  • "Oh, yes. She's sexy." "Unfortunately, Sharon plays for the other team." This means she

    "ああ、そうだな。彼女はセクシーだ"残念ながら シャロンは他のチームの選手だ"つまり彼女は

  • is a lesbian. Or you might see a very handsome guy named Bob, and your friend says, "Bob


  • plays for the other team." "Well, I play football with him on Monday nights. He's on my team."


  • This means -- if someone "plays for the other team" -- that they're queer; they're lesbian


  • or gay. Surprise. Football players can be gay. Loads of them.


  • Another word for "bisexual" is that somebody "switches sides".

    もう一つの「バイセクシャル」という言葉は、誰かが "裏表を入れ替わる "という意味です。

  • So that means they go from one sex to another sex freely and happily.


  • One thing that's really difficult for people to maybe understand or to realize is


  • is the person gay? Maybe in your country -- as I said before -- people hide being gay.

    その人はゲイなのか?たぶんあなたの国では -- 前に言ったように -- 人々はゲイであることを隠しています。

  • That's cool. If you're ever in doubt, don't stare; don't laugh; don't look stupid.


  • If you want to, you can ask them. It's an easy question. You can just say to the person, "Are you gay?"

    聞きたければ聞いてみてください。簡単な質問です。相手に "あなたはゲイですか?"と言えばいいのです。

  • Believe me. They will tell you yes or no. So if you're worried about someone being gay,


  • please ask them. Do them the common courtesy of asking them before talking about them.


  • One way to find out without asking them, if you're a little shy, is some people will volunteer the information.


  • They will say something like, "My partner is a good cook."

    "相棒は料理がうまい "みたいなことを言ってくるから

  • "Do you have a business? Your business partner?" No. No. Usually -- not all the time -- but usually,

    "ビジネスはあるのか?ビジネスパートナー?"いや いつもじゃないけど 普通はね

  • if someone refers to someone as their "partner", it does mean that they're gay.


  • But again, not all the time.


  • There's another thing that's slang that we say is called a "gaydar". Oh, it's so clever.


  • It's actually the word "radar" -- "gaydar". Get it? Ray, gay, radar, gaydar? Good.

    実際には "レーダー "という言葉だ。"ゲイダー "だ。分かるか?レイ、ゲイ、レーダー、ゲイダー?いいぞ

  • So "gaydar" means someone is very, very good at detecting or understanding if a person


  • is gay or not. So some people have a very, very good gaydar. They can point out a gay


  • person a mile away. This is a good skill to have especially if you are gay.


  • If you are sitting on the subway and you see a handsome boy or a sexy girl and you want to say hi,


  • just do so. Don't be afraid. Jump right in.


  • We have something in Canada that is huge. It's called "Pride", "Gay Pride".


  • There's a huge parade, I believe, on Saturdays -- one Saturday every year. There's a lesbian parade


  • -- or the "Dyke March". And then on Sundays -- usually Canada Day or before Canada Day,

    -- または "レズビアン・マーチ "ですそして日曜日に -- 通常はカナダの日かカナダの日の前です

  • there's the big, big gay parade. There are lots of naked people. So if you'd like to


  • see naked people, come to Canada this Sunday, and you can see lots of gay people walking on the street.


  • You can take pictures and send them back to your mom. This is what I've seen in Canada mom.


  • Would you like one? Bye. Be gay.


Hi, everybody. It's okay to be gay. Did you know that? Did you know that in Canada,



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