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  • the British royal family has responded to the explosive interview given by Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle.


  • In a statement, the queen said she takes their allegations of racism seriously.


  • Millions have watched the interview, which has divided public opinion in the UK and around the world.


  • Buckingham Palace broke its silence on the tail all interview.


  • A statement issued on behalf of the Queen reads.


  • The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been.


  • For Harry and Megan.


  • The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning.


  • While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family.


  • Privately, the accusations that Meghan Markle experienced racism after she joined the royal family have set off a heated debate in Britain.


  • It's a disgrace, to be quite honest, like no one should be treated differently because if the color of their skin I think really geo saturated a bit, I think I don't think she was telling the whole truth.

    正直言って 不名誉なことです 誰も違った扱いを受けるべきではありません 彼らの肌の色が本当に少し飽和していたら 彼女は真実を話していなかったと思います

  • I don't think anyone wanted said about the baby's co well, but apart from that, I think maybe she didn't get bullied because it was someone different in the royal family being of mixed race heritage myself.


  • I've been watching making all along, as have most of our community black, white and indifferent.


  • So I'm not actually surprised about the interview.


  • I'm happy, the truth was told, and I think it was a long time.


  • Comic allegations of racism towards Megan are not new.


  • Prince Harry said in the interview that racist coverage from the tabloid press was a large part of why he and Megan left the UK and moved to the U.


  • S.


  • Thank you.


  • The interview has ensured the couple are back on all the front pages, but they say they wanted to share their side of the story.


  • Earlier, we spoke to DW Charlotte Chelsom Pill in London.


  • We asked her whether all this is going to do serious damage to support for the monarchy among the British public.


  • Yeah, well, you have to bear in mind that public opinion in the UK is is split about the royal family, and that is very clear from the polling that you've seen that's come out since that interview aired.

    英国の世論は王室について分裂していることを心に留めておく必要があります それは世論調査からも明らかです それはインタビューが放映されてから出てきたものです

  • In fact, the majority of the general public feel more sympathetic with the royal family than they do for the royal family than they do for Meghan and Harry, which is extremely interesting.


  • Given the nature of that interview.


  • I think there are some people who really found that it left a bad taste in their mouths, not only the way that the Meghan and Harry the Sussex has left the royal family, but the nature of this interview the way it was conducted, the fact that it was done while Harry's grandfather was in hospital, for example, is something that a lot of people have talked about.


  • What is interesting, though, is that young people seem to have more sympathy in the UK for Megan and Harry than older people.


  • This is their first taste of a drama family drama of this nature.


  • I mean, a lot of the older generation myself, I would including this.


  • Remember what happened with Princess Diana, with with Harry's mother and and the scandal that then unfolded, and the way that the royal family had to really look at the way that it it managed conducted itself remains to be seen now, whether reverberations like that will be felt for years to come.


the British royal family has responded to the explosive interview given by Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle.


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