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  • we now?


  • Welcome in pelicans guard Josh Hart.


  • Josh, it's great to have you.

    ジョシュ 来てくれて嬉しいよ

  • You are here on behalf of NBA Top shot, which we saw you talking about in that clip.


  • Digital collectibles.


  • If you have not been on this planet for the last month or so, Well, you know what they are N f.

    先月くらいからこの星に来ていない人は、まあ、彼らがN fであることを知っているでしょう。

  • T s non fungible tokens.


  • Look at people.


  • If you don't know this entire industry just exploding, Josh is gonna tell us what got him interested in top shot.


  • And he's going to gift perk a pack that we will open live on the air.

    生放送で開封するパックを プレゼントしてくれるそうです

  • But let's talk basketball first because, Josh, your pelicans came into the All Star break in 11th place, which, with the plan scenario, actually still puts you in the thick of potentially earning a playoff spot.

    まずバスケの話をしよう ジョシュ 君のペリカンズは 11位でオールスター入りした 計画のシナリオを考えれば プレーオフ進出の可能性がある

  • So what are your expectations for your squad in the second half of this season?


  • Yeah, I mean, obviously we want to get to the playoffs.


  • That's the biggest thing for us, you know.


  • We want to get to that, you know, 67 ft.


  • So we don't have you know, that playing tournament playing games and all that.


  • So, um, you know we're gonna go in focus a lot on the defensive end, make sure we're committed on that side of the ball, and then, you know, offensively, you know, were you know, top five ranked offense in the in the league.


  • So, you know, we know we're going to score the ball.


  • We've got to make sure we stop other people from scoring.


  • Mhm.


  • Hey, look, Josh, listen, I'm a big fan.

    ジョシュ 俺は大ファンなんだ

  • Let's not talk about, you know, a little wager we had on the Super Bowl because I don't want to put you on blast about what you owed me.

    その話はやめよう スーパーボウルでの賭けの話をしたんだ 借りがあるからと言って 君を非難させたくない

  • Okay, so I believe that out of it.


  • But listen, I want to talk about your one of my favorite players.


  • First of all, I love how you been attacking the glass lately?


  • Getting those double digit rebounds.


  • But listen, how does it feel to play with Zion?


  • And I just think he's a superstar in the making.


  • But I want to I want you to tell me about his maturity level, how he's able to handle things on and off the court because he's very mature for his age.


  • So I just want to like, how does it feel playing with, Um, I mean, you know, guys like him and be I like those two are amazing to play with because there's so unselfish.


  • Um, it's not, you know, for them, it's not about points, number of stats, anything like that.

    彼らにとってはポイントとか スタッツの数とか そういうことじゃなくて

  • It's about winning.


  • So he's going to do whatever it takes to win.


  • Um, if that means you got to go out there and score 35 he's going to do that.


  • If that means he's going to, um, get other guys involved, he might only have, you know, 20 but has 89 assists and everyone's in the rhythm, knocking down shots around him.


  • Um, he's going to do that.


  • So it is amazing.


  • And obviously, he has so much hype around them for the last year or two.


  • And for a 20 year old, you know, I don't know how he hasn't got a big head yet, but I just, you know, speaks to you know, like you said, his maturity, his character level, you know, the family that he has, um so he just humble He's level headed and I mean, it's it's great I get to play with someone like this.

    20歳にしてはまだ頭が大きくなっていませんが それを物語っているのは あなたが言ったように 彼の成熟度、性格のレベル、家族の存在、 彼は謙虚で、頭が良くて、こういう人と一緒にプレーできるのは 素晴らしいことです。

  • This young, absolutely Yeah, you get to see him become what we all know he's gonna become, which is going to be among the league's best for a long time.


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we now?


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