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  • - [Narrator] When it's cold outside,

  • there's nothing like a warm bath to take off the chill.

  • And these monkeys have found a great one.

  • The Jigokudani Valley in Japan is buried in snow

  • for almost one third of the year.

  • The area is more commonly known as Hell's Valley,

  • named for its high altitude, jagged cliffs,

  • and bubbling hot springs that fill the air with steam.

  • The local Japanese macaques or snow monkeys

  • have found an interesting way to adapt

  • to these cold conditions.

  • In the early 1960s, these clever and curious creatures

  • moved down from the higher forests

  • and tested the water of the natural hot springs.

  • They have been using them as a spa to warm up

  • in the winter months ever since.

  • These snow monkeys like company.

  • Their average group is typically 41 monkeys,

  • but can range from 10 to 161.

  • They're not picky eaters, either.

  • They'll eat just about everything

  • from seeds, plants and fruits,

  • or a handout from a mischievous tourist.

  • Even in the high mountains of Japan,

  • these clever critters have found a great way to relax.

  • Spa day, anyone?

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(dreamy music)


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Japan's All-Natural Monkey Spa

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