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  • the most powerful New Yorker in Congress, U.


  • S Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday said he backed an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made by five women.


  • Schumer called the accusations deeply troubling and said he supported an ongoing investigation by New York Attorney General Leticia James in the latest accusations against the Democratic governor.


  • The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that a former aide analysts said Cuomo in 2014 sometimes greeted her with a hug and kisses on both cheeks, called her sweetheart, kissed her hand and asked if she had a boyfriend.


  • The Washington Post reported on Saturday that a former press aide, Karen Hinton, said that in 2000, Cuomo, when he was federal housing secretary under President Bill Clinton, embraced her intimately in a hotel room after a work event.


  • The new accusations surfaced after three women had accused Cuomo of sexually harassing them or making inappropriate remarks.


  • He has denied any misconduct and pledged to cooperate with the review by James office.


  • Cuomo, who has rejected calls for his resignation that have come even from some Democratic state lawmakers, has also in recent weeks struggled to respond to accusations that his administration sought to downplay the number of nursing home residents killed by Covid, 19.

    いくつかの民主党の州議会議員からも来ている彼の辞任のための呼び出しを拒否しているクオモはまた、最近の数週間で彼の政権はコビッド、19 によって殺された老人ホームの住民の数を軽視しようとしたという非難に応答するために苦労しています。

the most powerful New Yorker in Congress, U.


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