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  • Facebook will end its temporary ban on political ads in the U.


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  • Starting on Thursday, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday it would soon reverse its months long freeze on political, electoral and social ads, which at first introduced to crack down on misinformation around last November's presidential election.


  • Meanwhile, Google, which reinstated their own paws on ads following the deadly January 6th siege of the U.


  • S Capitol, lifted there's last week.


  • But they faced criticism from both Democratic and Republican strategic who argue that such bans were overly broad and failed to combat the issue of organic misinformation on the platforms.


  • Earlier on Wednesday, the Democratic Congressional and Senatorial Campaign Committee's issued a statement which criticized Facebook for not communicating a clear date to end the ban, saying the freeze had made it harder to reach voters.


  • In its blog post Wednesday, Facebook said that its systems do not distinguish between political or electoral ads and social issue ads, and added that it would look at further changes to its advertising policies in the coming months.

    そのブログ記事の水曜日に, Facebookは、そのシステムが政治や選挙の広告と社会問題の広告を区別していないと述べた, そして、それは今後数ヶ月の間にその広告ポリシーへのさらなる変更を見ていくことを追加.

Facebook will end its temporary ban on political ads in the U.



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Facebookは、米国での政治広告を解禁する (Facebook to lift ban on political ads in the United States)

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