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  • DANIELLE: It's almost even too hot to swim.

  • ADAM: Let's see your cannonball.

  • That was a good one, Riley.

  • So now we're back to our beautiful construction zone

  • home.

  • But thankfully today we're getting a utility sink set up

  • in the backyard and I don't have to wash dishes in the bathtub

  • anymore.


  • ADAM: Oh, he's-- he's here.

  • I'm going to grab Hazel.

  • The plumber just happens to be Hazel's boyfriend's dad,

  • and she's been looking forward to this all week.

  • You ready?

  • HAZEL: Yep.

  • ADAM: All right.

  • Graham's been her man, the past two years.

  • And all the girls you know, pick on Hazel a little bit.

  • Like, Hazel's got a boyfriend.

  • But she totally owns it.

  • We're in trouble.

  • MAN: We're going to see Hazel.

  • WOMAN: Oh I think she's coming.

  • MAN: Look there she is.

  • WOMAN: Look.

  • WOMAN: Oh, she's shy bud.

  • ADAM: You want Graham to come swimming?

  • DANIELLE: Cannonball, Graham.

  • ADAM: Ready?

  • DANIELLE: Hazel, show Graham where to get in.

  • Hazel.

  • MAN: Well, I'm going to go grab the sink and I'll get started.

  • DANIELLE: OK. Thanks.

  • ADAM: Hazel, Riley is going to steal your man.

  • DANIELLE: Riley's like, I'll take over.

  • WOMAN: I'll take over. DANIELLE: For real.

  • Hazel was being shy, but I don't blame her

  • I mean she hasn't seen him in months

  • and I mean to a kid that's like a lifetime.

  • DANIELLE: Hazel!

  • She's going to like ignore Graham probably.

  • MAN: All right, this is what she'll kind of look like.

  • Not the prettiest thing but for temporary it'll work.

  • When did they say the kitchen was going to be done?

  • ADAM: Not really sure.

  • We had that-- obviously you know about the water leak.

  • MAN: Right, right.

  • ADAM: And so they're going to rip all the stairs completely

  • out and then rebuild them.

  • And so we need to get out of the house an additional week.

  • MAN: Oh wow.

  • ADAM: So that's what we're looking at possibly doing

  • like an RV trip or whatever.

  • MAN: That's a good idea.

  • When Danielle first told me about the RV trip, I

  • mean it was a no-brainer to me.

  • I mean, we can escape the chaos and the construction

  • and get the heck out of the city.

  • Plus, this is something that we've always wanted to try.

  • And I think the quints can handle it.

  • MAN: All right we should have water.

  • DANIELLE: We found water!

  • WOMAN: Oh now she's opened up.

DANIELLE: It's almost even too hot to swim.


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