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  • The bigger our bowel movements, the healthier we may be.

  • The risk of low stool weight includes bowel cancer, diverticular disease, appendicitis, various anal diseaseseven, perhaps, the healthfulness of breast tissue.

  • From a study of 23 populations across a dozen countries, a graph of average daily stool weight versus colon cancer incidence.

  • As you can see, once you get down around a half a pound, 200 grams or so, colon cancer rates really seem to skyrocket.

  • And once people start dropping quarter pounders colon cancer incidence quadruples.

  • The link between stool size and colon cancer may be related to transit time, the number of hours it takes for food to go from mouth to anus.

  • The larger our stool, the quicker the transit time, the easier it is for our intestines to move things along.

  • People don't realize you can have daily bowl movements and still be effectively constipated.

  • You can be regular, but five days late.

  • What you're flushing today you may have eaten last week.

  • If you want to test it for yourself, all you need to do is eat a big bowl of beets and see when things turn pretty in pink.

  • And ideally it should be down in the 24 to 36 hour range to reach that half-pound target.



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スツールのサイズが重要 (Stool size matters)

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