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  • Eric 'Broadway' Jones: This is called the Shammgod move.

  • Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Who's Shammgod?

  • Eric: Shammgod is God Shammgod Wells.

  • Dwayne: Yes.

  • Eric: Former star NBA player. And he had a move named after him.

  • Dwayne: Oh really?

  • Eric:Yeah. When he was in high school.

  • Dwayne: Okay.

  • Eric: So this move was made famous by some of the European players, and you may even

  • see a guy like Manu Ginobili doing this move.

  • Dwayne: Oh really? Really?

  • Eric: It's called the God Shammgod move.

  • Dwayne: Okay, I want to see, I want to see. I don't even know who that is. Yeah, this

  • is like above my level. I want to try it.

  • Eric: This is expert level. SO obviously, the Roadrunner being the great dribbler that

  • you are, you're going to go and show them the Shammgod move. Now he needs space for

  • this move. See, what he's going to do is make the defense believe that he's throwing the

  • ball out there. And then they're going to reach for it, and he's not going to move with

  • his same hand. He's going to bring it back with the opposite hand. So it's out, and then

  • bring across. And some fancy footwork. Show them how it's done, Roadrunner. This is the

  • Shammgod move. See that? Either way. He can do it either way. You see that? That's the

  • Shammgod move.

  • Dwayne: Oh, that's nice. That's nice. Okay. I've got to know. I've got to make sure these

  • moves are effective. Okay. I want to see if this move is going to work for me, because

  • I'm, you know, I'm a great defensive player.

  • Eric: You've got to get in the stance first.

  • Dwayne: Okay, okay. I'm in my stance here. He's going to throw the ball out. I almost

  • had that.

  • Eric: You're getting there, man.

  • Dwayne: You know what? You know what? You think you're good or something.

  • Eric: You know what? I think he's like, he's an expert dribbler, and you like, you've been

  • tricked.

  • Dwayne: I'm working on it.

  • Eric: You are working on it.

  • Dwayne: It's going to take practice.

  • Eric: You look good out there. It does take practice.

  • Dwayne: I'm fine.

  • Eric: But you can even learn the Shammgod move if you go in and put a lot of work in

  • like the Roadrunner has.

  • Dwayne: Okay.

  • Eric: So the Shammgod move is obviously an expert level. You want to put that ball out

  • there. Bring it back. Make the defense believe they're going to get it, and then you snatch

  • it back. That's the Shammgod.

Eric 'Broadway' Jones: This is called the Shammgod move.


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シャムゴッドムーブのやり方|バスケットボール (How to Do a Shammgod Move | Basketball)

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