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  • Where's the kaboom?


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Looney Tunes video games.


  • Hold it, hold it!


  • Hello and welcome to the sheepdog and will show.


  • Or, as I like to call it, who wants to be a sheep stealer for this list.


  • We're looking at the best video games to have starred Warner Brothers.


  • Colorful, wacky cast of characters.


  • The Looney Tunes Did your favorite Looney Tunes game make it on the list?

    ルーニーテューンズ あなたの好きなルーニーテューンズのゲームはリストに入っていますか?

  • Let us know in the comments below.


  • Now cue the Looney Tunes music.


  • Okay, crickets Number 10 Loony tunes.

    よし、コオロギの10番 ルーニー・チューンだ

  • Cartoon Conductor, a k a loony Tunes Cartoon Concerto of all the genres.

    カートゥーン・コンダクター、a k a loony Tunes カートゥーン・コンチェルトの全ジャンルに対応しています。

  • For this franchise, to attempt a music game feels like a notably odd choice.


  • It makes a lot more sense, however, when you consider Looney Tunes history of parodying opera and classical music.


  • Cartoon conductor tasks you a tapping notes on screen in order to help bugs and company recreate memorable moments from the likes of what opera Doc and Rabbit of Seville.


  • Even if the game didn't pose much of a challenge, the animation and sound were remarkable for A D s game and it gave us the itch to go back and re watch some of these cartoons.

    ゲームとしては大した課題ではなかったとしても、A Dのゲームとしてはアニメーションとサウンドが目を見張るものがあったので、もう一度アニメを見に行きたくなってしまいました。

  • Number nine Looney Tunes Duck amok todo base an entire game off a single Looney Tune short sounds like an absurd decision, but duck amok was a game fit for Daffy Duck fans.


  • Our favorite angry duck stands in an empty room, and you must annoy him through a variety of many games.


  • Hey, it's sure not right in here.


  • You can tap on his head mess with his body weight for to suggest something that many games are introduced in a number of creative ways, and each one offers a unique concept that takes advantage of the DSS capabilities.


  • It's pretty impressive, and even though a play through is short, it serves a good bite sized game to kill time.


  • Forget it, Jack.

    忘れてくれ ジャック

  • I'm the rial daffy on.


  • There isn't room on this screen for the two of us.


  • Okay, buddy, you asked for it.


  • Number eight Looney Tunes Sheep Raider, aka Looney Tunes, Sheep Dog and Wolf.

    8位 ルーニーテューンズ シープレイダー 別名:ルーニーテューンズ シープドッグ&ウルフ

  • You will go through a series of levels at each of those levels.


  • You will have to steal a sheep from Sam Sheepdog and put it in the goal.


  • We're not sure what's more surprising.


  • The fact that there's a game starring Ralph Woolf and Sam the Sheepdog or the fact that it's actually good, she prayed.


  • ER or Sheep Dog and Wolf in Europe puts players in the role of Ralph, who must steal sheep without attracting Sam's attention.


  • Theo Game is justice, hilarious as the various short films upon which it was based on leeway it could get funnier is if you played the metal gear solid soundtrack over it with its silly game play, an exceptional visual fidelity, She Prater was one of those hidden PS one gems were always happy to revisit.

    テオゲームは正義であり、それはそれが得ることができる余裕に基づいていた様々な短編映画のように陽気な、あなたがその愚かなゲームプレイ、例外的な視覚的忠実度とそれ以上のメタルギアソリッドサウンドトラックを再生した場合ですが、彼女のプラターは、再訪するために常に満足していたそれらの隠されたPS 1の宝石の1つでした。

  • You'll see the place to which you must bring back the sheep you have stolen.


  • The counter will also indicates the number of sheep you still have to steal.


  • Number seven Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

    7位 ルーニーテューンズ ワールドオブメイヘム

  • This turn based action RPG tasks players with collecting tokens of their favorite Looney Tunes characters and battling evil clones created by Marvin the Martian.


  • Each tune comes with their own special abilities, allowing them to deal damage, inflict buffs and D buffs or stack effects.


  • You could even steal crates from other players in PVP modes, potentially granting items to upgrade abilities, level up your roster, collect materials to build your own world or earn MAWR character tokens.


  • So if you like Looney Tunes and RPGs, then this is a match made in heaven.


  • Number six Looney Tunes Racing.

    6番 ルーニーテューンズレーシング

  • It's easy to shrug Looney Tunes Racing Off is just another kart racer, but there's actually a number of features that help the game distinguish itself beyond the name and genre.


  • I've never been so humiliated.


  • Every course is based on various Looney Tune shorts and features Acme Gates, that ally to trigger environmental hazards, hindering your opponents lead or, if you aren't careful your own.


  • There's a robust roster of Looney Tunes characters to play as ranging from familiar faces like Marvin the Martian and Lola Bunny to the lesser used villains like Gossamer and Rocky.


  • In other words, this wasn't just a quality kart racer.


  • This was a love letter to loony tunes history number five Tas wanted.


  • What's the very first thing you do?


  • If you were the tag as the Tasmanian Devil, you'd spin around and wreak havoc upon anything in your path, right?


  • Well, Tabs Wanted was a dream come true for many of us.


  • Not only did the game boast astounding cell shaded visuals, but it also let us live the life of Chazz.


  • Yeah, roaring, yelling.


  • Foes spin and trash the place.


  • Get captured.


  • Repeat.


  • It may not have been the same level of quality is previous Looney Tunes games in terms of camera and platform ing, but there was still plenty of reason to pick this one up that Number four Bugs Bunny lost in time.

    それは同じレベルの品質のカメラとプラットフォームの ing の面で以前のルーニーの曲のゲームではないかもしれませんが、ナンバー 4 バグス バニーは時間で失われたこの 1 つを拾う理由がまだたくさんありました。

  • What Theo?


  • When he mis takes a time machine for a carrot juice dispenser, Bugs Bunny finds himself on a trip for the ages, and if he wants to get back home to his own time, he has no choice but to collect clocks and carrots.


  • Yeah, it's a ludicrous story, even for a loony Tunes game, but it's still pretty great.


  • Theme music is incredibly catchy, and it fits each world perfectly, and the boss fights air fun and always good for a laugh.


  • As one would expect from a game starring Bugs Bunny, you'll have some great opportunities to put a Smackdown on Elmer Fudd.


  • Um, e que hey, number three duck Dodgers starring Daffy Duck.

    ええと、e que hey、番号3ダックドジャース主演のダッフィーダック。

  • Oh, Devilishly, Mother Bugs and Tabs weren't the only tunes to get their own three D adventure platform.

    Devilishly、Mother Bugs、Tabsだけが独自の3Dアドベンチャープラットフォームを手に入れた曲ではありませんでした。

  • Er's Daffy Duck starred in this banjo kazoo and Super Mario 64 s game on the Nintendo 64 he had to do so while portraying his alter ego, Duck Dodgers Duck Dodgers Duck Dodgers was just as exceptional as the three d platformer is that came before it, providing imaginative environments to explore tough boss fights.


  • And, of course, plenty of humor in its gameplay and cut scenes with Looney Tunes were to get another video game.


  • We'd love to see a sequel or remake of this or the very least and expanded take on the Duck Dodgers persona, just like the 2003 TV Siri's did Dodge a 24 a.

    私たちは、2003年のテレビシリのように、このまたは非常に少なくともとアヒルのドジャースのペルソナで拡大テイクの続編やリメイクを見てみたいと思います, ちょうどダッジ24 a.

  • I bet that's going to hurt Number two Looney Tunes Space Race.


  • Whereas Looney Tunes Racing presented its own unique take on the classic kart racing formula, space race deviated to a style more reminiscent of F zero and wipe out.


  • It featured a roster that was admittedly smaller than L T R.

    それはL T Rよりも明らかに小さいロスターをフィーチャーしています。

  • But space race was all about speed in mayhem, providing players plenty of opportunities to drop black holes and bombs wherever they pleased.


  • Oh, I see how you like.


  • It was absolute chaos and may have been difficult for some casual players, but this wasn't all around.


  • Excellent racing game.


  • It's just a shame that it was for gotten due to initially launching on the Dreamcast on Lee to play catch up and hit PlayStation two two years later.


  • Way before we reveal our most loony video game.

    我々が最も狂ったビデオゲームを 明らかにする前にね

  • Here are a few loony honorable mentions.


  • Looney Tunes back in action for a game based on a movie.


  • It was the right amount of loony e er e a loony tunes.


  • Marvin Strikes back.


  • Marvin got his own need.


  • Adventure game.


  • Daffy Duck.


  • The Marvin Missions.


  • Another awesome Duck Dodgers adventure.


  • Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage Dang SMEs made bugs look good Before we continue.

    バグズ・バニー・ラビット・ランペイジ・ダン中小企業はバグをいい感じにした 続きを読む

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  • Number one Bugs Bunny and Tata's Time Busters Bob Chop Time Busters came out at a time when it seemed like everyone was getting a three D platformer.


  • But this one stood out from the crowd in addition to the same game play that made lost in time, so great players could now take control of Tasmin.


  • Play through the game is him detector.


  • It also incorporate a co op mode where two players could control both characters, creative in level design and faithful to the brand.


  • It's no wonder why many consider this to be the best Looney Tunes game ever made.


  • It checks all the boxes, and it does it with style and laughs to spare.


  • You know, Granny, you may want to get some references before you hire your next exterminated in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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