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  • she's Amnesty International.


  • The human rights NGO says that it no longer considers jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a prisoner of conscience due to pass comments he made that it believes qualify as advocacy of hate.

    人権NGOは、それはもはや刑務所に入れられたクレムリンの批判者アレクセイ ・ ナバルニー良心の囚人を考慮しないと言う彼はそれが憎しみの擁護として修飾されると考えていることを行ったコメントを渡すために。

  • In a statement, center Reuters Amnesty said some of these comments, which Navalny has not publicly denounced, reached the threshold of advocacy of hatred and this is at odds with Amnesty's definition of a prisoner of conscience.

    声明では、センター ロイター アムネスティによると、これらのコメントのいくつかは、ナバルニーが公に糾弾していない、憎悪の擁護の閾値に達し、これは良心の囚人のアムネスティの定義と対立しています。

  • Amnesty did not say what comments it was specifically referring thio.


  • But in the past, Navalny has been criticized for nationalist statements against illegal immigration on for attending an annual nationalist march several years ago.


  • In 2007 video, he called for the deportation of migrants to prevent the rise of far right violence, saying We have the right to be Russians in Russia on will defend that right.

    2007 年のビデオでは、彼は極右暴力の台頭を防ぐために移民の強制送還を求められ、我々 はロシアでロシア人になる権利があると言って、その権利を守るでしょう。

  • However, Amnesty did go on record to say Navalny should be released from jail on that he has committed no crime.


  • It says he's being persecuted for his campaigning on outspoken criticism of President Vladimir Putin.


  • He was arrested on his return to Russia last month following a near fatal poisoning last year.


  • Navalny is set to spend just over 2.5 years in jail for parole violations he called trumped up.

    ナバルニーは仮釈放違反で2.5年以上の刑期を 過ごすことになっています 彼は捏造と呼んでいました

  • His allies protested the move by Amnesty on Twitter.


  • They included Eevans Andov, who said quote the procedure for assigning and revoking amnesty International status has proven extremely shameful.

    彼らは、アムネスティの国際的なステータスを割り当て、取り消すための手順を引用して、非常に恥ずべきことが証明されていると述べたEevans Andovが含まれていました。

she's Amnesty International.


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