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  • Here's a fun fact, despite sharks looking like the literal embodiment of a sea monster in the presence of billions of them out there in oceans across the world, only around 80 unprovoked shark attacks on humans are reported worldwide each year.

    これは面白い事実だ 世界中の海には何十億匹ものサメがいて 文字通り海の怪物を体現しているように見えるにもかかわらず

  • In 2016, only four people in the world died from shark attacks, while at the same time the humble vending machine injured 1730 people and killed four of them in the United States alone.


  • Statistically, a vending machine is much more life threatening to you than a shark is.


  • But sharks didn't always used to be this underpowered.


  • The great white is probably the most menacing shark that's still around out there.


  • They could grow up to a frightening 6.1 m long and weigh up to 1900 kg much longer and heavier than a Toyota Corolla, while their teeth in their jaws grow to just under eight centimeters long, which helps to give the great White the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom.


  • capable of applying a force of 18,216 Newton's, while the most powerful human bite measured is only 1317.


  • Newton's great whites rarely attack humans.


  • But when they do it, hands out a bit like this.


  • Imagine that you're helpless in the water and you see a great whites will generally circle around you before bumping into you and fighting to see what you are.


  • Thrashing or panicking is the worst thing that you could do in the scenario, because that could lead the shark into mistaking you for prey, and they'll continue attacking and eating you.


  • As fearsome as the great White is, however, it's basically an extremely nerve version of its close relative that existed over two million years ago in the same oceans.


  • The mega Ladan Megalodon probably look very similar to the great White on Lee.


  • It was a lot spookier because it grew to be more like 18 m long and could way upto 59 tons.


  • Here is an average American male placed side by side so that you can see how quickly you would die if you ever met one for reference.


  • I'll also put down a Toyota Corolla on African elephant, a T.


  • Rex, a school bus, a sperm whale and a four story building, all of which are smaller than a mega Ladan.


  • At 54 tons in weight, not even an M one Abrams main battle tank is as heavy as this Godzilla shark.


  • But that's not the only reason why mega Ladan was so terrifying.


  • The blue whale, for example, is a lot bigger, and it's still around today, but it's not nearly a scary Megalodon has something that the blue whale doesn't, though.


  • Big teeth and huge jaws take your hand out and look at it.


  • The average length of an American males hand from the tip of the middle finger down to the base of the risk is 18.9 centimeters, the length of some Megalodon teeth that have been discovered where 18.4 centimeters long.


  • So imagine a dagger as long as that cutting into you.


  • But then you need to realize that Megalodon had over 250 of those dagger sized teeth, and they were located across five separate rose inside of their jaws, which could open to be over 2 m across large enough to swallow Dwayne.


  • The Rock Johnson hole in one bite bite force of these gargantuan jaws has been estimated to be around 180,000 Newtons, which is enough to actually crush a Toyota Corolla inside of them.


  • If you were unlucky enough to somehow end up in that situation, a scuba diver unprotected would experience a nightmare.


  • A storm of dagger teeth inside of Jaws that would swallow you whole in one bite.

    ジョーズの中の短剣の嵐で 一口で丸呑みにされてしまう

  • And you wouldn't really be able to swim away from it, either, Because despite weighing more than a tank, the Megalodon could probably swim up to 11 MPH faster than even.

    そして、あなたは本当にそれから離れて泳ぐことはできないでしょう、どちらかというと、タンクよりも重さがあるにもかかわらず、メガロドンはおそらく11 MPHまで速く泳ぐことができました。

  • Michael Phelps is top swimming speed of six MPH.


  • Fossils of Megalodon have been discovered in oceans and beaches all across the world, so it likely had a pretty similar range, as the great White does today, which means that basically nobody would be safe watching this video if it was still around.


  • Except for the British, apparently whose food is so terrible, have not even sharks will bother with it.


  • Megalodon existed as recently as 2.6 million years ago, and despite what countless Clickbait videos on YouTube will have you believe?


  • No, it definitely doesn't still exist today, no matter what they say.


  • But she wasn't the only monster lurking in the seas over 2.5 million years ago.


  • Another beast at least as terrifying as the shark of sharks, also haunted the ocean than and its name was love eaten a monstrous sperm whale just slightly smaller in size than mega Ladan.


  • But with an even more ferocious jawline.


  • Leviathan had teeth measuring over 36 centimeters long, exactly twice as long as the teeth of mega Ladan and the largest teeth of any creature ever recorded.


  • For millions of years.


  • Megalodon and Love eaten where the apex predators of the ocean and possibly the largest predators to ever exist, and they existed at the same time.


  • They were probably fierce rivals, and it's interesting to imagine if any ancient battles took place between them.


  • The ocean is a scary place to be today, but it used to be a whole lot worse.


  • If you're like me, then you've probably always been excited about and interested in dinosaurs and other extinct monsters like Megalodon since you were a kid.


  • But you don't need to go to a museum to learn more about them.


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this video is made possible by curiosity.


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