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  • two different decoration, a major disaster declaration.


  • US.


  • President Joe Biden approved a major disaster declaration for Texas on Saturday.


  • Nearly two dozen deaths have been linked to the deep freeze.

    2ダース近くの死者が 深い凍結に関連しています

  • Million's of Texas residents have dealt with power outages and nearly half of all Texans air suffering from disruptions to their water service, like Fort Worth resident Linda Binion, who said water was frozen in her pipes.


  • But I have no water coming in my home whatsoever.


  • I've got six little ones that I need to take care of.


  • Biden's disaster declaration makes federal funding available to individuals across the state, including assistance for temporary housing, home repairs and low cost loans.


  • Biden is also weighing a trip to Texas to survey the federal response.


  • New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was in Houston Saturday volunteering at a food bank with lawmakers Sheila Jackson Lee and Sylvia Garcia Ocasio.


  • Cortez also partnered with Texas relief organizations in a fundraising mission.


  • We hit $3.2 million in assistance for Texans across the state just last night and I think this shows that New York stands with you, but the whole country stands with you, Jackson Lee spoke of the severity of the crisis.

    昨夜320万ドルの支援が出ました ニューヨークはあなた方と共にありますが 国中があなた方と共にあります ジャクソン・リーは危機の深刻さを語りました

  • We were getting calls from Children, adult Children whose parents lived in older homes left behind that we're trying to get of them out of the freezing conditions because they thought they might die during the night.

    両親が高齢者の家に住んでいた大人の子供たちから電話がかかってきていました 夜中に死ぬかもしれないと思って凍える状況から脱出させようとしています

  • That was unacceptable and unnecessary.


  • All of the state's power plants had returned to service, although more than 78,000 homes remained without electricity as of Saturday morning.


two different decoration, a major disaster declaration.


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バイデン、テキサス州の災害宣言を承認 (Biden approves disaster declaration for Texas)

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