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  • a bright orange symbol of hope on wheels is rolling through South Jamaica, Queens.


  • In New York, it's called the Peace Mobile.


  • Its creator says this big orange bus exists to curb gun violence and mediate conflict by offering mental and wellness services in the community.


  • Erika Ford is the founder of Life Camp Inc.


  • Which stands for Love Ignites Freedom through education.


  • We provide jobs Way, provide health and wellness thio young people, giving them both conventional and unconventional therapeutic services way see it very important to not only go out in the street and take the gun.


  • It stopped the incident but to help that person heal from what made them think that the gun was the resolution to the problem that they had.


  • Young people would gather inside the piece mobile to use the meditation, lounge, punching bag, video game area and even a recording studio.


  • But because of social distancing for now uses a vehicle to meet other community needs were giving out boxes of food along with 100 suits today to the community.


  • To those who don't need, we're giving out peop e mass, hand sanitizers and other things that they need to stay healthy during Cove it and just help the community.


  • Since the depths of George Florid and Briana Taylor in 2020 and the protests that followed, politics and community leaders have been debating the role of law enforcement and how to reduce violence without police.


  • Life can't works with New York City's Crisis Management System, a network of more than 60 anti violence community groups with financial backing from the city.


  • According to New York City's offers to prevent gun violence from 2010 to 2019, CMS contributed to an average 40% reduction in shootings in the neighborhoods it serves.


  • Jessica Mo Field, the executive director of the Mayor's Office to Prevent Gun Violence, says such a program can provide role models to show at risk young people alternatives to violence.


  • So our intentionality behind this is really to be able to not only provide first chances for our young people, but really to provide them with relationships that they respect that they trust, Ford said.


  • Her door efforts to prevent gun violence and to help others heal from it, offer a model for success.


  • We've gone up to 562 days were absolutely nobody was shot.

    562日まで行ったが 誰も撃たれなかった

  • And so we know by those small numbers of, of, of, of, of success that those things can be duplicated if invested.


  • If we invest in what works waken see even more success.


a bright orange symbol of hope on wheels is rolling through South Jamaica, Queens.



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B1 中級 日本語 暴力 提供 コミュニティ 若者 モバイル ニューヨーク

ピースモバイル」:車輪を使った反犯罪プロジェクト ('PeaceMobile': an anti-crime project on wheels)

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