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  • sweet robes, Obi

  • Wan-too-many days in the sun

  • stop preaching homie

  • teach your flock to covet some fun

  • I bring joy every year

  • man I represent cheer

  • you represent sandals

  • and a scraggly beard

  • I'm from the North Pole

  • that's why my rhymes are so cold

  • I spit diamonds

  • but I'm serving up some fresh coal

  • you been a naughty boy

  • you brought a plague of frogs

  • you best arrest yourself

  • you broke your own law

  • or was there something in rule six

  • I didn't understand?

  • my list says killed Egyptian dude

  • buried him in sand

  • I read your book

  • you got a strict religion

  • no bacon?

  • but mandatory circumcision

  • I'm a jolly bowl a jelly

  • giving holiday presents

  • but all the chosen people ever get

  • for Christmas is jealous

  • when I was high upon the mountain

  • God revealed the truths of the Earth

  • but he never mentioned

  • a fat ass Papa Smurf

  • it takes nine reindeers

  • to haul your fat ass

  • you took the Christ outta Christmas

  • and just added more mass

  • you need to stop breaking

  • into houses and creeping

  • and peeping on naughty kids

  • while they sleeping

  • and keep your hands off my stocking

  • don't you Ho Ho me

  • I'll split your ass in half

  • like I did the Red Sea

  • you ain't a saint you a slaver

  • like a pharaoh in the snow

  • stop with the unpaid labor

  • and let my little people go

  • we ain't slaves

  • all that sand turned your brains to mush

  • I think you need to stop smoking

  • all that burning bush

  • yeah we're magical workers man

  • we hang with reindeers

  • yo here's a GPS

  • who gets lost for 40 years?

  • you're a glorified secretary

  • so write this down

  • begat deez nutz

  • Santa Claus is coming to town

  • so much drama in the Israe-L B C

  • it's kinda hard talking directly

  • to the G O single D

  • hand me my chisel

  • I got a new commandizzle for y'all

  • thou shalt not let children

  • sit on a grown man's lap at the mall

  • I'll beat you ten times

  • before the bread can rise you dummy

  • and walk off into the land

  • of my milk and honies

  • who won?

  • who's next?

  • you decide

sweet robes, Obi


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B2 中上級

モーゼス対サンタクロース。歴史に残る壮大なラップバトル。[CC] ([TRANSLATED] Moses vs Santa Claus. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC])

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