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  • it's the moment we've all been waiting for the  final countdown for nasa's perseverance rover to  

    いよいよ待ちに待った時が来ました NASAの忍耐ローバーの最終カウントダウンです

  • land on the red planet but it isn't alone the  united arab emirates hope orbiter and china's  

    赤い惑星に着陸しても それだけではありません アラブ首長国連邦の希望は 軌道修正機と中国の希望です

  • tien1 mission have already arrived at mars orbit  and it's been seven months since they took off  


  • but for mars 2020 and tien when one one  of the hardest parts is still yet to come  


  • actually sticking the landing on the red planet  fondly known as the seven minutes of terror  


  • it takes about seven minutes from the time that  the spacecraft first comes in contact with mars  


  • of atmosphere until we get down to the ground  and the terror part comes in um because you know  

    地面に降りるまでの間に 雰囲気があって... テロの部分が出てくるのは...

  • all of that stuff is difficult there are so many  things that can go wrong as you're landing on mars  

    それが難しいんです 火星に着陸している間に うまくいかないことがたくさんあるんです

  • this part of the mission is known as the entry  descent and landing or edl and it all starts  

    このミッションの一部は エントリー・ディスカント・ランディングと呼ばれています EDLと呼ばれています すべてが始まります

  • with the spacecraft hurtling through the martian  atmosphere at roughly 20 000 kilometers per hour  


  • causing the external heat shield to heat up to  around 1300 degrees celsius with some help from  


  • its heat shield the vehicle slows down to about  1600 kilometers per hour and this is when its  


  • supersonic parachute deploys the heat shield then  pops off but the parachute doesn't slow the rover  


  • down enough for a safe landing the main reason for  this is because of mars thin atmosphere it's about  


  • one percent as dense as earth's atmosphere but  not enough to really help you a lot once we end  


  • up deploying our parachute to help us land safely  the atmosphere doesn't actually slow us down that  


  • much and so we end up having to get rid of that  parachute and come down the rest of the way  


  • using rockets these eight retro rockets located on  the descent stage help to slow down the craft the  


  • vehicle then performs a divert maneuver to avoid  coming into contact with the discarded parachute  


  • and finally about 20 meters from the surface  the descent stage lowers the rover using cables  


  • where perseverance unlocks its legs and wheels for  the final touchdown and so all of this just adds  


  • to the complicated nature of the systems that we  need to build to get us safely down to the ground  


  • and one of the many crucial parts of this system  is the terrain relative navigation or playfully  


  • referred to by the team as the spacecraft's  eyes this will be the first time that a nasa  

    チームは宇宙船の目と呼ばれています これは、NASAの宇宙船が初めて

  • rover will be able to actually see where it's  landing its onboard camera will snap pictures  

    ローバーは実際にそれが着陸している場所を見ることができるようになります そのオンボードカメラは写真をスナップします

  • of the surface's features to match them to its  onboard map and divert its course to pick the  


  • best possible landing zone so now you know we can  reach that spot with an accuracy of about 30 to  

    可能な限り最高の着地点に 到達できるようになりました これで、その場所に約30~50%の精度で 到達できることがわかりました。

  • 40 meters and it really opens up the door to the  planetary scientists to pick really interesting  


  • spots to land is it that the geologists  tend to like interesting rough spots on mars  


  • and those tend to be dangerous to land in  if successful perseverance will be the fifth  


  • nasa rover to safely reach the martian  surface but it's up against some pretty  


  • tough odds as only forty percent of all  missions sent to mars have been successful  


  • hoping to also beat those odds is china's tienwenspacecraft it recently just entered mars orbit on  


  • february 10th and it's quite an ambitious first  attempt to reach the planet since the mission is  


  • composed of three parts an orbiter a lander and  a rover the orbiter has already started imaging  


  • the future landing locations for its lander and  rover which will eventually descend to the surface  


  • this anticipated landing won't happen until  may and last but not least there's the uae's  

    この予想された上陸は5月まで行われません そして最後には、ウイークリーの

  • first ever interplanetary probe called hope  which arrived on february 9th this starts  


  • a roughly two-year journey to capture the most  complete picture of the red planet's atmosphere  


  • it hopes to answer some crucial questions  like how exactly gases escaped the atmosphere  


  • a question that has long since puzzled scientists  this is a thrilling time in mars exploration we  


  • only have this opportunity every so often and so  when we get a chance we like to take advantage of  


  • it and this moment is historic in itself with the  arrival of three separate missions to mars within  


  • the span of just a couple weeks and for the mars  2020 team it'll be a bit of a nail-biter until  


  • february 18th when perseverance begins its final  descent to the surface so you can better believe  

    2月18日 忍耐が最後に地表に降り始める時 そうすれば信じることができる

  • that i'm going to be gripping my desk on february  18th and crossing my fingers that everything goes  


  • just as we planned it and as we tested it so i'm  very excited for more countdown to launch check  


  • out this playlist here if there's another launch  that you want to see us cover let us know in the  

    このプレイリストはこちらからどうぞ もし、他にもカバーしたいローンチがあれば、こちらにお知らせください。

  • comments make sure to subscribe and thank you  so much for watching i'll see you next time you


it's the moment we've all been waiting for the  final countdown for nasa's perseverance rover to  

いよいよ待ちに待った時が来ました NASAの忍耐ローバーの最終カウントダウンです

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