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  • I love to fly. I really love it from my heart.

  • My name is Chris, I'm from Shanghai Base. I've been working for Finnair about 10 years, since 2003.

  • During these ten years I've served passengers around the world.

  • Many of them are transit passengers wanting to travel in Finland. I tell them about Finland and Finnair.

  • I can give them the help and assistance. That's a big reason why I'm here.

  • During the flight, I don't just deliver food and drinks. I keep an eye on the passengers.

  • Do these passengers need anything? Is there something I can do for them?

  • I have to know it before they ask for it.

  • Sometimes you can see some passengers being afraid of flying. I talk with them so they can feel more comfortable.

  • We do something special to passengers. Once there was a lady with luggage, a baby and a broken hand.

  • I went to her and asked if there was something I could do. During the flight I prepared the milk and changed the diapers.

  • After the flight I helped her with the luggage. I'm enjoying it.

  • A big reason why I work for Finnair is the culture. People are friendlier and nicer.

  • Cooperation during flights is great and afterwards we are like one big family.

  • I've learned two things [from the history of Finnair].

  • A change. We can see that Finnair is always changing.

  • And if you want to do something you must continue and go ahead.

  • That's why Finnair has been around for 90 years.

I love to fly. I really love it from my heart.


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