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I love to fly. I really love it from my heart.
My name is Chris, I'm from Shanghai Base. I've been working for Finnair about 10 years, since 2003.
During these ten years I've served passengers around the world.
Many of them are transit passengers wanting to travel in Finland. I tell them about Finland and Finnair.
I can give them the help and assistance. That's a big reason why I'm here.
During the flight, I don't just deliver food and drinks. I keep an eye on the passengers.
Do these passengers need anything? Is there something I can do for them?
I have to know it before they ask for it.
Sometimes you can see some passengers being afraid of flying. I talk with them so they can feel more comfortable.
We do something special to passengers. Once there was a lady with luggage, a baby and a broken hand.
I went to her and asked if there was something I could do. During the flight I prepared the milk and changed the diapers.
After the flight I helped her with the luggage. I'm enjoying it.
A big reason why I work for Finnair is the culture. People are friendlier and nicer.
Cooperation during flights is great and afterwards we are like one big family.
I've learned two things [from the history of Finnair].
A change. We can see that Finnair is always changing.
And if you want to do something you must continue and go ahead.
That's why Finnair has been around for 90 years.


Finnair Through the Eyes of Cabin Attendant | Celebrating 90 Years of Aviation

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