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  • catwalk shows maybe a distant memory.


  • But Loreal still had plenty to show off when it reported earnings.


  • The world's biggest cosmetics group beat forecasts for revenue growth in the fourth quarter.


  • Total sales for the period hit $9.5 billion.


  • Consumers stuck at home are seemingly still splurging on feel good treats.


  • Laurie ALS online sales surged 62% over 2020 reaching more than a quarter of all sales.

    Laurie ALSのオンライン売上は2020年に62%急増し、全売上の4分の1以上に達しました。

  • The company thinks that trend is here to stay, with online heading towards half of all sales now, closed hair salons and luxury stores remain a concern.


  • But the maker off long calm Maybelline and Garnier, among other brands, is looking forward to life after locked down that as pent up people rush out to socialize again, Chief Executive Jean Paul Agon predicts a fiesta for makeup and fragrances.

    しかし、メーカーオフ長い穏やかなメイベリンとガルニエ、他のブランドの間では、ロックダウンした後の生活を楽しみにしています、最高経営責任者ジャン ・ ポール ・ アゴン化粧と香りのための祭りを予測します。

  • He says strong sales in China, where many restrictions have been lifted off for a sneak preview off what is to come.


  • Loreal sales there were up 27% over the course off last year.


catwalk shows maybe a distant memory.


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