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  • Hi, it's Carl Kwan here with Presentation Quick Tip #4.

  • Ok, so in this week's video, I'm gonna talk about when you have facts and figures and

  • some other information that may not be so interesting.

  • You know, you might think it's boring. Well, how do you present that so that it is

  • interesting? Well, if you have facts and figures that you

  • have to present, look at what is really, really important within those facts and figures.

  • Figure out, "Well, why should people listen to what I have to say here?"

  • And only choose the things that are really important.

  • The rest of the information, the audience can simply just look at it and pretty much

  • understand it. But what they don't know is the why or how

  • behind those facts and figures. So what you have to do then, is choose the

  • most important thing, or the main point, from that particular slide and talk about the why

  • and how from that particular item. And give a little background story and information

  • about that. That will make that information much more

  • interesting and relevant to your audience. That's how you can make facts or figures,

  • that may be boring, into something a lot more interesting for your audience.

  • And that is Presentation Quick Tip #4. If you have any questions or comments about

  • this particular video, please leave them below this video.

  • Thanks and talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.

Hi, it's Carl Kwan here with Presentation Quick Tip #4.


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プレゼンテーションのクイックヒント#4 - 退屈なコンテンツを面白くする方法 (Presentation Quick Tip #4 - How to Make Boring Content Interesting)

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