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  • way.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 songs bythe for many way This'll ist We're looking at the best tracks ever cut by Abel Tesfaye, better known as the weekend thes, could be everything from radio topping hits to obscure early cuts.

    そして今日、私たちはトップ10の曲をカウントダウンしています bythe for many way This'll ist We're looking at the best tracks at Abel Tesfaye, better known by the weekend thes, could be everything from radio top topping hits to obscure early cuts.

  • We will, however, be excluding songs where the weekend is simply a featured artist.


  • I don't want to wait on the sheet.


  • What's your favorite track by the weekend?


  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Number 10 Kiss Land As the title track from his debut full length Kiss, Land introduces listeners to a world where debauchery is the standard pollinated Miss You Find Me Make 100 Stark's wife back next week.

    10位 Kiss Land デビューフルレングスのKissのタイトル曲として、Landはリスナーに放蕩が定番の世界を紹介しています。

  • The track has a surreal sound that feels cloudy while also eliciting a feeling of bright lights.


  • The offbeat rhythm compliments test phase partying lyrics with the beats themselves carrying a tipsy energy.


  • The weekend storytelling is both sultry and regretful as he brings a depth to party songs.


  • I got a brand new place.


  • I think I've seen it twice.


  • Kiss lands more aggressive.


  • Second half gets louder, ramping up his bragging and commentary in equal parts.


  • The song is an experimental two part Odyssey that stands out in the weekends.


  • Early discography E number nine Can't Feel my Face from its opening chords.

    初期のディスコグラフィー Eナンバー9 Can't Feel My Faceのオープニングコードから。

  • Can't Feel My Face has an instantly memorable sound and crisp vocals.

    Can't Feel My Faceは、瞬時に記憶に残るサウンドとキレのあるボーカルが特徴です。

  • E she told me, Don't worry me No, it's in It's amazing beat Drop that the song really takes off and transforms into a tune that everyone can dance.

    彼女が言ったのは、「Don't worry me No, it's in It's amazing beat Drop」で、この曲は本当に脱力して誰もが踊れる曲に変身している。

  • Thio.


  • It's the most infectious based group from any weekends on enough to make anyone go.


  • E o.

    E o.

  • I love it.


  • Whether you relate to its romantic narrative illusions to addiction or a mix of the two, the songs subtly forces you to think about dependency in a new light.


  • I Can't Feel My Face pulls the best parts of disco and the music of Michael Jackson and wonderfully injects test phase own dark themes as many people's intro to the weekend, this track to still his stellar voice and artistic chops into an accessible package.

    I Can't Feel My Faceは、ディスコとマイケル・ジャクソンの音楽の最高の部分を引っ張り、週末に多くの人々のイントロダクションとしてテストフェーズ独自の暗いテーマを素晴らしく注入し、このトラックはまだ彼の恒星の声と芸術的なチョップをアクセス可能なパッケージにしています。

  • E number eight King of the Fall.

    Eナンバー8 堕落の王様

  • A few songs show off the weekends voice quite like the slow moving King of the fall.


  • That's a lead a Wait a couple on my pirates driving by the streets were you so walk through Like a triumph between Ah, lot of sparse keyboards and booming bass notes, the song is a dreamlike reflection of his life.

    これは、リードのa wait a couple on my pirates driving by the streets was you so walk through the triumph between Ah、まばらなキーボードとブーイングのような低音が多い曲で、彼の人生を夢のように反映している。

  • She gonna get Theo Test recalls his mixtapes toe highlight how impressive his move to stadiums and labels really is.


  • Just just the filtered sounds enhanced the surreal tone of the lyrics leaving it's sounding as demented as his stories.


  • Despite some of the less glamorous lyrics in the mix test phase.


  • Silky vocals give it all a seductive feeling.


  • King of the Fall paints The weekend is both a villain and a hero, and it does it with a sound that we still can't get out of our heads.

    キングオブザフォールの絵 週末は悪役でもありヒーローでもあり、まだ頭の中から抜け出せない音でやってくれます。

  • Number seven House of Balloons Glass Table Girls between the opening woes and it's catchy guitar line House of balloons, Glass table girls leans into the artsy side of pop.


  • You're my A snapshot of the weekends own eccentric get togethers.

    あなたは私のスナップショット 週末のエキセントリックな集まりの写真よ

  • The track celebrates these times and seemingly gives you a peek at his personal playlist.


  • The dazzling Siouxsie and the Banshees sample gets a nod in the lyrics, and it's riff is arguably highlighted, better than in its original song Theo Distorted back half of the track, is a startling change of pace and shows off more punk influence that you might not expect from the weekend.

    眩しいSiouxsie and the Bansheesのサンプルが歌詞の中でうなずけ、リフが強調されていて、原曲のTheo Distortedのトラックよりも良い。

  • He pumps for the lady movie down for whatever together bring your whole stash.


  • Greatest changing one of Test Phase Earliest two parters House of Balloons explores how dramatic a prospective change could be.


  • Number six Star Boy.

    6番 スターボーイ

  • To mark the major next step in his career, the weekend crafted a simple but sinister anthem for himself.


  • I'm trying to put you in the worst smoother P one cleaner than your church shoes.


  • Songs, Quiet pianos Let Tesfaye dominate the track as he touts his rise from quirky indie hero to chart topping Superstar.

    歌、静かなピアノ 風変わりなインディー・ヒーローからチャートトップのスーパースターへと成長したテスフェイがこのトラックを支配している。

  • How's the Ones You Need?


  • A centerpiece.


  • Funny Rex.


  • The table come from ebony daft punk.


  • Stellar production expands the sound to match able themes up until the chorus explodes with mind blowing synths.


  • Wait while Daft punk brought more fun vintage energy to I Feel it coming.

    ダフト・パンクが「I Feel it coming」でより楽しいヴィンテージ・エネルギーをもたらしている間、待っていてください。

  • Star Boy was test phase futuristic theme song, by the way, What way?


  • Weekend also highlighted his range of passions with inventive wordplay that crossed Rolls Royces with star trek starts a groove in the race car Girls get loose when they hear the song.


  • All this blended into a multi platinum hit with so much depth that we got more out of it with each listen.


  • Number five, The Party and the After Party with a sample of beach houses Master of None leading the charge, the party sees the weekend twisting mawr modern work into his own music.


  • E alright.


  • Tesfaye adds a lot of blown out bass and his own heavenly vocals to complement the soothing tones of the sample.


  • Pick up some shoes already.


  • So as the problem stairs, this'll mood is reflected in the weekends loving words that he quickly subverts with um, or angry and violent reality in the second half.


  • Think, Don't know silent.


  • If she stops, then I am.


  • I can't find the minimalist production in the later after party.


  • Both highlights these words and sheds the happy vibe.


  • The track leads with loft music taps another great beach house sample, but the party enhances its original song More Brain Milton.

    トラックはロフトミュージックのタップでリードし、もう一つの素晴らしいビーチハウスのサンプルを使用していますが、パーティーはそのオリジナル曲のMore Brain Miltonを強化しています。

  • And the only thing I tell him is, um, living for the present in the future don't exist by creating a narrative twist, Tesfaye took his two part trademark to the next level, Number four the morning.


  • There's an immediate, hazy neon quality to the sense of the morning that shows an upbeat side.


  • The weekend rarely explores in the morning to the evening.


  • Complaints from the tenants got the walls kicking like they six months pregnant.


  • To contrast that, able reflects on another night of debauchery, and the feelings were left with when the sun rises or the plane tickets.


  • Kelly's mission every month, like the romantic sounding chorus itself alludes to in paying for women on Lee to interestingly suggest his own work is no different.


  • Tha song is nevertheless catchy and sonically satisfying, due in no small part to its chipper hooks.


  • Things balancing act shows test phase ingenuity back in his early days, which feels more relevant than ever given his success.


  • Number three The Hills Illicit Affairs Drive The Story of the Hills, where the weekend drops another career defining chorus.

    3位 The Hills Illicit Affairs Drive The Storyは、週末がもう一つのキャリアを決定づけるコーラスを落としています。

  • I only called You, and it's through ringing bells and solemn versus Tesfaye argues for his casual love and shockingly reveals he's his most natural under the influence theme.


  • Screeching, heavily distorted chorus is a jarring wake up call that contrasts the quiet verses and matches the actual emotional content of the track.


  • Additional remixes highlight the natural pop power of his vocals, while the original maintains an ugliness that feels distinct from much top 40 of the time t know test phase nod to West.


  • Craven also serves as a poetic comparison of the high life to a horror film on iconic track.


  • Is it any wonder it bumped off?


  • Abel's Can't Feel my Face as the number one song on the Billboard Top 100 Number two Wicked Games E.

    アベルの「Can't Feel my Face」がビルボード・トップ100のナンバー2「Wicked Games E」のナンバー1曲として登場。

  • I Don't Love Her.


  • No, For his debut single, The Weekend stuck to a rock riff sound to illuminate music fans about doomed relationships.


  • The deceptively simple guitars colored wicked games as an equally sensual and disturbed tail.


  • Bring your baby, I could Bring My Shame.


  • Booth Test described a romance largely informed by pain and escape, which nevertheless felt good.


  • Theo relatable story and straightforward sound grabbed listeners on all sides as the weekend asserted.


  • He could bring heavy topics to radio ready music you love me on as firmly stripped down as wicked games.


  • Was it allowed test phase great harmonies and subject matter to shine through the track, laid out many concepts the weekend would become famous for and started him on a road to Success way.


  • Unveil our number one pick.


  • Here are some honorable mentions, heartless for chilling like the ultimate villain way.


  • Call out my name because he goes all out on that final chorus way.

    俺の名前を呼んでくれ 最後のコーラスの仕方で全力を尽くすからな

  • Tell your Friends it's weekend style vocals with Kanye style production, and I miss my city Man.

    Tell your Friendsは週末スタイルのボーカルにカニエスタイルのプロダクションを加えたもので、I miss my city Manです。

  • It's been a minute, um, you're having Kelly was a 28 because it's so emotionally raw.


  • E the birds part one for those banging drums.

    E the birds part one for those banging drums.

  • Don't make me make you funny.


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  • Sound Mojo brings you music from new and emerging artists in all genres from across the globe.

    Sound Mojoは、世界中のあらゆるジャンルの新進気鋭のアーティストの音楽をお届けします。

  • Interviews, live shows and deep dives into music culture.


  • Sound Mojo has you covered.


  • Be sure to check out Sound Mojo to find your new favorite artists.

    ぜひSound Mojoをチェックして、新しいお気に入りのアーティストを見つけてみてください。

  • So number one Blinding Lights, a retro melody and futuristic electronica combined into the modern gem that is blinding lights.

    レトロなメロディと未来的なエレクトロニカが融合した現代的な逸品、Blinding Lightsのナンバーワン。

  • In a summation of his self destructive themes of pleasure seeking and fame, the track sees him utterly transfixed by his vices.


  • I've been on my own for long enough.


  • A surprising lover appears as his Onley way out, which gives the song the hope that most of test phase songs lack cities.


  • The theme rushing beats and a punchy hook are impossible to keep still, too, and the larger than life since easily captured the entire aesthetic of after hours.


  • That way.


  • Lyrically, the songs also leaves fans to decide whether the lights represent his vices, romantic partners or, well, the lights themselves.


  • I could never say it on the phone booth with enough fun energy to spawn a tick tock trend.


  • Blinding Lights is test phase argument that the latest can be the greatest.

    Blinding Lightsは、最新のものが最大のものになる可能性があるというテスト段階の議論です。

  • Do you agree with our picks?


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