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  • the resolution is adopted.


  • House Democrats on Thursday took the unprecedented step of removing embattled Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green from two key roles.

    木曜日の民主党下院議員は前代未聞の措置をとって 共和党下院議員のマジョリー・テイラー・グリーンを 2つの重要な役割から排除しました

  • Her positions on the House budget and the House education committees.


  • The final vote was 2 30 toe 1 99 with 11 Republicans voting to remove Green.

    最終的な投票は2 30対1 99で、11人の共和党員がグリーンを排除することに投票しました。

  • Earlier in the day, Green and ardent Donald Trump supporter took to the House floor to express regret for some of her incendiary remarks, which have thrust her into the national spotlight, including voicing support for an array of unfounded conspiracy theories.

    一日早く, グリーンと熱烈なドナルド・トランプ・サポーターは, 彼女の扇情的な発言のいくつかのために後悔を表現するために下院の床に取りました, それは彼女を国民のスポットライトに突きつけました, それは根拠のない陰謀論の配列のためのサポートを声にすることを含めて.

  • Kunin among them.


  • I was allowed to believe things that weren't true, and I would ask questions questions about them and talk about them, and that is absolutely what I regret.


  • While she failed to offer an apology for supporting violence against Democrats, Green disavowed Q and on and tried to distance herself from her past statements such as arguing that school shootings were staged and questioning whether a plane flew into the Pentagon on 9 11.

    彼女は民主党に対する暴力を支持するための謝罪を提供することに失敗したが, グリーンは, Qとオンを否認し, 学校での撮影が上演されたと主張し, 飛行機が9 11にペンタゴンに飛んだかどうかを疑問視するような彼女の過去の発言から自分自身を遠ざけることを試みた.

  • You see school shootings air absolutely riel, and every child that has lost those families mourn it.

    あなたは学校の銃撃戦の空気を参照してください 絶対にリエル、そしてそれらの家族を失ったすべての子供がそれを嘆く。

  • I also want to tell you 9 11 absolutely happened.


  • I remember that day, crying all day long.


  • Watching it on the news greens speech came one day after the chambers Republican leader Kevin McCarthy opted not to reprimand her.


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she found McCarthy's inaction disturbing.

    ナンシー・ペロシ下院議長は マッカーシーの不作為を不快に思ったと言っています

  • I remained profoundly concerned about House Republicans leadership, acceptance of extreme conspiracy theorists.


  • House Republicans without defending.


  • Green countered by slamming the House vote and warned about the president.


  • Democrats were setting never before in the history of this institution as the majority attempted to exercise a veto over the minorities right to make committee assignments.


  • Yet today the majority is choosing to do just that.


  • This leads the institution down a dangerous path, the end of which we cannot see.


  • But Democrats were undeterred.


  • Killin on is a dangerous, sick cult period.


  • We are deciding whether someone who has encouraged violence against members should be given a platform on a standing committee.


  • That's what the topic is here today, and I have to say I didn't even know that was a question.


the resolution is adopted.



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B2 中上級 日本語 グリーン 民主 マッカーシー 投票 党員 後悔

マージョリー・テイラー・グリーンを委員会から外すための下院の投票 (House votes to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees)

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