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  • U S Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling a meeting on the market frenzy.


  • Sparks buy shares in Gamestop, AMC and others favored by a group of investors on the website Reddit, the Treasury said Tuesday.


  • Yellen will meet with the heads of major U.


  • S regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve.


  • It's her first public effort to address the market ruckus after amateur traders on the Wall Street bets Reddit Forum took on the big hedge funds of Wall Street, it sent shares a video game retailer Gamestop, up to a dizzying high of over $480 last week.


  • The stock crashed back down to Earth on Tuesday, along with Bed Bath and Beyond BlackBerry and the price of silver.


  • The wild trend raised questions about potential risks to the financial services industry and prompted professional market watchers to call for a regulatory crackdown.


  • Last week, the S E C warned that quote extreme stock price volatility could expose investors to rapid and severe losses and undermine market confidence.

    先週、S E Cは、極端な株価変動は投資家を急速かつ深刻な損失にさらし、市場の信頼を損なう可能性があると警告した。

  • According to a document seen by Reuters, Yellen consulted with ethics lawyers before calling a meeting with regulators and received clearance to do so.


  • Reuters reported earlier this week that Yellen has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from hedge fund Citadel, one of the key players in the game stops saga.


  • An ethics agreement requires Yellen to seek authorization before getting involved in matters related to Citadel, as well as major banks like Citigroup and Barclays.


  • A Treasury official who requested anonymity, said her meeting will be held this week, possibly as early as Thursday.


U S Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling a meeting on the market frenzy.


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