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  • Let's go on to the Lakers continuing their road dominance last night with a win over the Hawks.

  • But the interaction between LeBron and a Hawks fan courtside that was the story fan was ejected, eclipsing all the other headlines from the game.

  • Here's LeBron's take on what happened, actually, very generous.

  • I'm happy fans were back in the building.

  • I missed that interaction.

  • I need that interaction.

  • We as players need that interaction.

  • I don't feel like it was warned her to be kicked out.

  • There was a back and forth between two grown men.

  • And which way said our piece, He said his piece.

  • I said, my piece.

  • And then what?

  • Someone else jumped into it and say their piece, Um, but I don't think they were.

  • You know, she had been kicked out, but they might have had a couple of drinks, maybe, and they could have probably kept it going in the game when they've been about the game, no more so that the referees did what they had to do.

  • Maybe they had some drinks.

  • Who knows?

  • There is only fans in nine arenas right now.

  • Guys on Lee, five of those arenas, which does include Atlanta allows fans to sit courtside.

  • Now it's important to note those courtside seats no closer than 10 ft from the court.

  • All the fans in this arena are test in that area of the arena are tested.

  • But this is the first type of tight fan interaction with players that we have seen since the coronavirus age began fizz.

  • We are still fighting this pandemic.

  • Do you feel fans should be allowed to sit this close?

  • Right now?

  • I do.

  • I think it's fine if they if they're tested, and I know Adam Silver wouldn't take any chances.

  • I do think we gotta start trickling the fans back in, and I agree with them unless something crazy What's sad?

  • You know, this is the normal banter that goes on during the n b.

  • A game courtside, and so the only reason that stands out is because it's not a lot of people in the building, so it looks like it's more than it is.

  • But if that was a pack of building, come on, let's be real about it.

  • No one would be kicking her out of the game right now, right?

  • It would just be a normal its's about 30 other people in the packed buildings saying the same stuff, if not worse.

  • And so that was, You know, unfortunately, it's an empty building for, but I do believe that we should start working our fans back in as the health codes allow it.

  • Listen, Rachel, I enjoyed nothing more than going on the road and having a great conversation with the fans.

  • I mean, that's something that really got me going.

  • Uh, that's something.

  • I totally enjoyed it, and I'm glad to see it.

  • I mean, LeBron had, ah, great answer.

  • He, you know, Yeah, it was some back and forth.

  • They said their peace.

  • But that's sometimes that gets players going.

  • As's long it is done in the right way.

  • I mean, look at look at LeBron has always interacting with.

  • I mean, that's that's part of the game.

  • I loved it, especially on the road.

  • I love to do that.

  • No, you are definitely one of the players.

  • Paul, who I always felt that from, and LeBron has openly said, Remember at the beginning all of this, he said, I don't even wanna play without fans in the building.

  • Some of you guys get so geeked up by it that it really makes a difference in your encore play.

  • And as we saw with LeBron right earlier, just in the same road trip when a member of the Cavaliers front office made a little bit too celebratory of celebration of his miss.

  • What happened there, right?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, that's just gonna be what it is is part of the church.

  • Like a guy like LeBron and a guy like Paul Pierce.

  • When they go on the road, they don't want that family get kicked out.

  • They're gonna rip their heart out during the game.

  • They're gonna try to dominate your team or they're gonna just They're gonna utterly destroy your team.

  • And don't, God forbid, let it come down to the last shot.

  • I've been on the other end of the Paul Pierce buzzer beaters.

  • It hurts badly.

  • Actually, I've been on the end of multiple, so you know, those guys live for that moment.

  • And so I just think right now, without a big crowd and guys seeking motivation and needing that extra oomph to really get up for these games, I think those kind of fans are kind of needed.

  • Well, he's LeBron certainly said the most gracious thing possible afterward.

  • And then his tweet saying Courtside, Karen, Mad, Mad, bad, Pretty exceptional as well.

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Let's go on to the Lakers continuing their road dominance last night with a win over the Hawks.


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