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  • Right now, I wanna level with the public that we're facing, too.


  • Constraining factors.


  • The first is getting enough supply quickly enough, and the second is the ability to administer the vaccines quickly.


  • Once they're produced and sent out to the sites, we're taking action to increase supply and increased capacity.


  • But even so, it will be months before everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one.


  • Any stockpile that may have existed previously no longer exists.


  • Our practice is to maintain a rolling inventory of 2 to 3 days of supply that we can use to supplement any shortfalls in production and to ensure that we are making deliveries as committed.


  • But we're passing doses directly along two states very much in real time as they order them.

    しかし、我々は2つの州に沿って直接投与を行っています... ...非常にリアルタイムで、彼らが注文するように。

  • Pfizer and Madonna are committed to delivering a total of 200 million doses by the end of March, with much of it coming at the end of the quarter so it will accelerate.


  • Pfizer yesterday announced that they think they can deliver 120 million doses this quarter, and as you heard from the president yesterday, United States plans to purchase an additional 200 million doses for Madonna and Pfizer this year, which will be sufficient to vaccinate every American over the age of 16, and we expect those doses this summer.

    ファイザーは昨日発表しました 彼らは今四半期中に 1億2千万回の投与が可能だと考えています 昨日大統領から聞いたように 米国は今年マドンナとファイザーのために 2億回の追加購入を計画しています これは16歳以上のすべてのアメリカ人に ワクチンを打つのに十分な量です そして我々は今年の夏にそれらの投与を期待しています

Right now, I wanna level with the public that we're facing, too.



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誰もが予防接種を受けられるようになるまでの「数ヶ月」、ホワイトハウスの高官が語る ('Months' before everyone can be vaccinated, White House official says)

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