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  • It's time to talk about the Netflix Christmas universe, also known as the NCU.

    Netflix のクリスマスユニバース、通称 NCU の話をしましょう。

  • Let us know which holiday hit is your favorite in the comments.


  • The NCU is a magical, romantic holiday world where most of the men are royal bachelors and most of the women are Vanessa Hudgens.

    NCU は、男性のほとんどが王室の独身貴族で、女性のほとんどがヴァネッサ・ハジェンズという、マジカルでロマンチックなホリデーの世界です。

  • If you're a heroine working for the holidays, a spontaneous carol singer, or a potentially magical old person, you might just be in the NCU.

    もしあなたが、休日に働くヒロイン、キャロル歌手、魔力を持つ老人のポテンシャルがあるなら、NCU にいるかもしれませんね。

  • There are ten total films in the NCU.

    NCU の映画は全部で10作品あります。

  • In order of release, they are "A Christmas Prince,"


  • "Christmas Inheritance,"


  • "The Holiday Calendar,"


  • "The Princess Switch,"


  • "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding,"

    「クリスマスの王子様: ロイヤル・ウェディング」

  • "Holiday in the Wild,"


  • "The Knight Before Christmas,"


  • "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,"

    「クリスマスの王子様: ロイヤルベイビー」

  • "Operation Christmas Drop,"


  • and "The Princess Switch: Switched Again."


  • The NCU began with 2017's "A Christmas Prince."

    NCU は、2017年の「クリスマスの王子様」から始まりました。

  • This movie established the story basis for each of these films.


  • - Come with me, please.


  • An everyday heroine enters a magical Christmas world where she finds love and herself.


  • Beyond this, "A Christmas Prince" and its two sequels undoubtedly form the main pillar of the cinematic universe.


  • Think of Amber as Iron Man and if Amber is Iron Man, then Vanessa Hudgens is Captain America and the Hulk and Thor.


  • - Do I really need to explain?


  • While "The Princess Switch" and "The Princess Switch: Switched Again" obviously form the second royal pillar of the NCU,


  • "The Knight Before Christmas" also ties in more subtly.


  • - Your great grandmother's cousin Cecil fled the country after a dalliance with a vulgar American divorcee.


  • It was rumored that Cecil settled in the United States.


  • And if Cecil has one descendant in America, why not two?


  • This explains how Brooke fits into this world.


  • She's another holiday-loving Hudgens destined for royal romance.


  • These films have similarly enchanting royal stories but "A Christmas Prince" and "The Princess Switch" are also connected in deeper and more meaningful ways.


  • - We feel a review is prudent.


  • Aldovia, Belgravia, and Montenaro are the three fictional countries prominently featured in these two film series.


  • In "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby," this map even confirms that Aldovia and Belgravia are neighbors.


  • Of course, the first link between these two worlds came in "The Princess Switch," when Kevin and Margaret watched "A Christmas Prince" on Netflix.


  • - Your favorite?


  • - No, it's your favorite.


  • - Right.


  • Then, in the sequel, Amber and Edward are actually present at Lady Margaret's coronation.


  • This suggests that within the NCU, these movies could be biopics or even documentaries, rather than fictional films.

    このことは、NCU では、これらの映画はフィクションではなく、伝記映画、あるいはドキュメンタリーである可能性を示唆しています。

  • It follows that the televised appearance of the other movies,


  • including "The Holiday Calendar," "Christmas Inheritance," and "Holiday in the Wild," would be documentaries or biopics as well.


  • - There is nothing like a happy ending to make someone cry.


  • The biopic slash documentary angle makes sense, as each of these ten films is focused on a particularly newsworthy story.


  • Just like a royal wedding, the transformation of a party heiress or the saving of an elephant orphanage are real events that are likely famous enough within the NCU to be made into films.


  • Even "Operation Christmas Drop," which has yet to appear on Vanessa Hudgens' TV, establishes just how newsworthy the story is within the movie.


  • But you're probably still wondering, "How exactly did this universe get started?"

    でも、まだ気になっているのではないでしょうか、「このユニバースはどうやって始まったのか?」 と。

  • Well, all of the films in the NCU are made by MPCA in partnership with Netflix and produced by Brad Krevoy.

    そうですね、NCU の作品は、すべて MPCA が Netflix と提携して制作したもので、ブラッド・クレボイがプロデュースしています。

  • It all began when they needed a film to have on TV in 2018's "The Holiday Calendar."

    きっかけは、2018年の 「ホリデー・カレンダー 」のテレビで流す映画が必要になったことでした。

  • The creators decided to intentionally link the films in deeper and more complex ways, planting Easter eggs, or acorns, in their other collaborations with Netflix, too.

    クリエイターたちは、Netflix との他のコラボレーションでも、イースターエッグやどんぐりを仕込んで、意図的に作品をより深く、複雑につなげることにしました。

  • - What with the Belgravians here in Aldovia as well. It seems royals marrying outside of the noble classes has become quite fashionable.


  • And that's everything you need to know about the Netflix Christmas universe.

    以上、Netflix のクリスマスユニバースについてでした。

  • Thanks for watching and happy holidays.


It's time to talk about the Netflix Christmas universe, also known as the NCU.

Netflix のクリスマスユニバース、通称 NCU の話をしましょう。

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