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  • We believe that extensive listening

  • is the single most important thing a language learning can do.

  • Hi, I'm Gary Buck,

  • CEO Lidget Green. Let me tell you

  • why extensive listening practice so very, very beneficial

  • for language learners. There are four reasons.

  • Firstly,

  • spoken language is quite different from written language.

  • Learners have to

  • learn spoken language. They have to

  • learn the phonology, the sound system, they have to learn

  • idiomatic usage, they have to learn spoken grammar

  • they have to learn to deal with, hesitations, false starts,

  • so forth, and they can only do that through

  • listening. Secondly,

  • listening develops automatic processing.

  • If language uses is to be effective

  • it needs to be instant and automatic.

  • There's no time for language users to think about things.

  • Because speakers speak so quickly,

  • normally about 3 word a second,

  • and because listeners have to listen

  • at the speed determined by the speaker, it forces them

  • to develop automatic processing skills.

  • This not only improves their listening,

  • it improves all their language skills: reading, speaking,

  • and writing, as well.

  • Thirdly, we learn language through communication,

  • through using the language for genuine communicative purposes.

  • By listening to these speaker's, who are talking about

  • what interests them, and by understanding what they say,

  • listeners are engaged in communication,

  • real communicative language learning.

  • And fourthly, listening provides

  • optimum conditions for input for acquisition.

  • This is what Crashen in called, "I Plus One".

  • While they're listening, speakers will always use

  • some new language, something the listeners don't know.

  • And they'll understand that from the context. And this

  • enables them to acquire new language. For these reasons

  • extensive listening practice is very powerful

  • for language learners. We hope you enjoy our site.

We believe that extensive listening


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