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  • Philly was able to build the double digit leads, sort of, you know, once a quarter almost that you guys had to kind of get your way out of, um, it was a game of rust for them.


  • The first quarter was we put them to the free throw line way too much.

    第1クォーターはフリースローラインに 追い込んでしまった

  • I believe they had 12 free throw attempts at the end of the first quarter or something like that, and be probably had, like, eight of those Onda allow them to get their defense set, you know, neutralized us being able to get stops to get out of the break.


  • So I gotta do a better job of that.


  • But I thought I mean, besides that, I mean, we held them to 21 points in the 2nd, 26 26 you know, give ourselves an opportunity to win at the end.

    しかし、私が思ったのは、私が意味するのは、それ以外にも、私たちは2ndで21ポイントにそれらを保持し、26 26あなたが知っている、最後に自分たちに勝つための機会を与えることを意味します。

  • And it didn't go our way, But I loved our fight.

    思うようにはいかなかったけど 私は戦いを愛していたわ

  • You gotta do a better job with, you know, keeping our hands out of the cookie jar, especially with a guy like and be who has, you know, hard and like, um, you know, magic as faras the white moving things of that nature.


  • You know, up until that final run there, that shot going down the top in a couple of times on this trip, Have you seen anything different or is it sort of make miss in the way that you guys were getting shots and then converting from the perimeter?


  • I think we got some great looks.


  • Um, you know, we play the same way.


  • Every game is not like we change our approach, you know?


  • And our shooters kind of struggled tonight, obviously.


  • You know, we need, you know, toe open up the perimeter a lot more, but we got some great shots.


  • They make Well, hey, LeBron, That that closing line up you guys had tonight?


  • Um, a lot of teams even dating back to last postseason has struggled.


  • When you and a.


  • D.


  • R with three other perimeter players.


  • Um, do you feel like that lineup they had tonight is a little bit of a sin.


  • The hole that you guys have thio really match up well with anybody.


  • Well, it's always good to know that you could go down the stretch and go to a day at the five and me.


  • Kind of like that point forward and then surround us with guards and shooters on defenders, if need be.

    必要に応じて、そのポイント フォワードとガードとディフェンダーのシューターで私たちを囲むような種類。

  • You know, we have a lot of minutes as far as with the other five and me kind of playing the four on defense and playing the point on the offensive, and, you know, So it was a good lineup for us and then also having KCP out there with a C on Dennis.


  • You know, it just give us a lot of dimension both obviously, in defense with and all right, sorry about that.


  • LeBron 80 was under 20 points again tonight.


  • Um, what do you kind of what do you think of his offensive rhythm right now?


  • And are there things that you guys can do to try to get him going a little bit more?


  • Or is this just him working his way into the season?


  • Still the 80?


  • Yeah.


  • Anthony, Um, not that, you know, missing shots, that he's a customer making, you know, And I think eighties and pretty good rhythm right now, and I think every game is, uh, getting better and better for him.


  • But it's our job to given the ball, you know, it's our job getting the ball.


  • Andi, I thought we did a great job at times.


  • At times, we did not eso way.


  • Got to be better as well with that, if about a couple years back here in Philly and you were talking about the Sixers squad and the expectations placed upon them and did.


  • Everybody wants instant oatmeal, but it takes some time for these things to come together.


  • How do you view them now?


  • The number one team in the East And they just played you guys down to the wire.


  • Um, I think it's a It's a really good team that they put together, uh, give a lot of credit toe Ellen brand and, you know, and the things that they're doing here, Obviously, Doc has always won pretty much wherever he's been.

    本当に良いチームだと思いますよ エレン・ブランドとここでやっていることを 褒めてあげてください 明らかに ドクはどこにいても常に勝っています

  • Andi gotta play some really good basketball.


  • So, you know, we see how the as the season goes on, it's gonna be a lot of teams in the Eastern Conference is gonna play championship basketball down the stretch.

    シーズンが進むにつれて イースタン・カンファレンスの多くのチームが チャンピオン・バスケをすることになるだろう

  • I know they believe that their one roasting more bill Hey, LeBron, that run that you guys had in the fourth, uh, you know, started with a couple of buckets from from Alex, and then he has steel in there.

    彼らは、彼らの1つの焙煎は、より多くの法案を信じていることを知っています。 おい、レブロン、あなたたちが4回目にしたランは、ええと、あなたが知っているように、アレックスからの2つのバケットから始まった、そして、彼はそこにスチールを持っています。

  • Also, I'm just wondering, how has his contributions maybe evolved Or, you know, what?

    彼の貢献がどのように 進化してきたのか気になるところだ

  • What is, uh, what is different about the way he is contributing to this group this year?


  • And and just how much better is he than he was a year ago?


  • A c is, uh, whatever we need.


  • Um, A C is kind of a Swiss army knife, to be honest, you know, You know, if you need sisters get wine, opener your fingernail clipper.

    Cはスイスのアーミーナイフみたいなものだ 正直言って 姉妹でワインを飲みたい時には 爪切りを開けるんだ

  • You need a knife.


  • Um, he's all that, and one you can do it all mean just helps our ball club so many different ways to bring the ball up The point you could play off the ball.

    ええと、彼はすべてのことだし、1つはあなたがそれをすべて意味するだけでボールを持ってくるために非常に多くの異なる方法で私たちのボールクラブを助けることができます あなたはボールをオフに再生することができたポイント。

  • I mean, he's shooting, uh, you know, dead.


  • I from the three this year, and he defends that.


  • I love it, you know, and, you know, and it doesn't make many mistakes.

  • So you always can live with that.


  • You could live with a guy on the floor like that and just place championship possible.


  • So you make him open your wine for you.


  • Now open my own wine over my wine will be honest.


  • I would not let him open my wine, and there's no disrespect to him.


  • But when it comes to my wine, I trust myself.


  • Syrup.


  • Hey, Lebron, I was just wondering, you know, with how long you've been on the top, you've always had to adapt to a lot of things.


  • I was just wondering how it is that you manage changing your game and just change in general.


  • Um, you have to change with the times.


  • I guess you have to continue to evolve.


  • I mean, when I came into the league, it was literally a big man's league, pretty much.


  • And I don't mean that is not a big man's league.


  • No, I mean, like fours and fives pretty much played in the paint.


  • You know, you had, you know, you know, big guys, and there's a lot of posting a lot of post enough things of that nature.


  • You have some flick wings and things of that nature.


  • But, um, it was, ah, a big body, big man game.


  • And, you know, as the as the league he balls, you have to be able to evolve with it.


  • If you want to keep up with time.


  • Keep up with the Joneses.


  • Keep up with James, in my case.


  • So, uh, you know, just for me never putting a cap on my ceiling, Um e just wanna always continue to get better and do things out on the Florida as, uh, maybe hasn't been done in other people's careers.


  • Um, and continue to push the envelope to see how much I can.


  • How much juice?


  • Like a squeezed out of the country.


  • So that was pretty loud, but that's that's okay.


  • Um, so I was just always trying to, you know, put myself, like I said, in a position to be successful, continue to work on my game, working my mind, working my body and, uh, and see what the car is is, uh, how they be played, You know, you play the hand is dealt to.


  • Just go from that.


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Philly was able to build the double digit leads, sort of, you know, once a quarter almost that you guys had to kind of get your way out of, um, it was a game of rust for them.



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