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  • Hey guys. It's Bex. Welcome to part three in my series of You Have Four Minutes for

  • Meditation. Today we're meditating about money.

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  • I put the word out on my Facebook page for things that you may be struggling with in

  • the moment and more than a few of you brought up finances.

  • So whether you are looking for a job or you've lost your job or you have a job and you feel

  • like you just can't make ends meet, this is a meditation that will hopefully turn your

  • thinking around and bring more positive events into your life.

  • But remember as my personal guru Gabrielle Bernstein says, "Manifestation is not magic."

  • So we have to put the thoughts out there first and then we definitely have to do the work.

  • So let's get started on this four-minute meditation by starting our Gymboss timer and sitting

  • down with our legs crossed or maybe one leg in front of the other, however is comfortable

  • for you. You can have your hands placed gently on your thighs or on your knees or upturned

  • to receive the energy around you.

  • I like to sit up nice and tall to make sure that the energy flows through me freely. So

  • I bring my shoulders up over my hips, opening up my chest, allowing my chin to be parallel

  • with the floor and then pretending maybe that a string is pulling up my head toward the

  • ceiling, causing me to sit up taller.

  • Now there have been many times in my life even recently that I have been struggling

  • financially and had worries that I wouldn't be able to pay my bills or put food on the

  • table. So worry about finances is something that I'm very familiar with.

  • Just three years ago when I put my first YouTube video up about fitness, I was actually working

  • part-time at Home Depot as well, trying to make ends meet for the holidays.

  • As we move into the second minute, I want you to appreciate the fact that right now,

  • we are all in safe places, having this experience with each other. While we may not have a lot

  • of money in our wallets, in this moment, we absolutely have all that we need.

  • As you start to pay more attention to your breath, your inhales and your exhales, start

  • to repeat that in your head even if you don't believe that it's true. It's not important

  • that these things that we say are true. It's just important that we think them and that

  • we say them and we put out that energy into the universe.

  • So inhale. I have all that I need in this moment. I have all that I need in this moment.

  • I have all that I need in this moment. I have all that I need in this moment.

  • If you allow me to be a little hippy-dippy for a moment, think of the universe or God

  • or whatever spiritual guide or system you follow. Think of it as perfection, as needing

  • nothing. It needs nothing from us and think of it speaking that language, of all the time

  • knowing that it needs nothing.

  • Accept this offering that maybe when we come to it with a language of need or want or lacking,

  • that maybe it doesn't understand what we're saying. So maybe speaking words of abundance,

  • of believing that we have all that we need, attracts this gentle and benevolent force.

  • Take one last inhale and exhale. Allow your last inhale to open your eyes and hopefully,

  • that message of having everything that we need sticks with you throughout the day; that

  • even if you don't have enough money for something that you may really want or even a bill that

  • you really have to pay, that you know that in this moment, that you have all that you

  • need to be here.

  • Let me know how it went. Let me know what you think. Offer me more ideas for meditation

  • and I will see

  • you in a couple of days with another one. Love you guys.

Hey guys. It's Bex. Welcome to part three in my series of You Have Four Minutes for


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