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  • INTERVIEW 7: Catching Demons

  • And then there was the one demon.

  • Now this was the scary one.

  • This one was one that got me a little bit afraid to even sleep at night with my light off.

  • This huge, big demon that kind of rose up in front of me, up into the roof.

  • It was black, very gaunt.

  • It looked like a very old vampire that had been dead for ages. It was so scary.

  • It was like coming out, and rising up and I wanted to catch it,

  • but I was too afraid to put it inside me. So it would just disappear.

  • I said to Eagle, and I told him about the experience, and I said to him, "You know, there's one demon that really scares the living shit out of me.

  • I can't get it out of my head. I just see that picture of him burning in my mind and I'm too afraid to sleep with the lights off."

  • And Eagle said, "Okay. Well, look at it this way. Look at them as pictures.

  • Realize what they are believing themselves to be, is that picture.

  • Look "beyond" it, beyond that picture. Because it's not who they are. It's what they believe themselves to be."

  • From that moment, I looked at demons completely differently.

  • I saw them just as pictures.

  • Pictures of what they believed themselves to be. Much simpler. Because, I saw the demons as just pictures.

  • Therefore, can "pictures" harm me? No. They can't.

  • So it was very much simpler to take the demons and put them into my heart the whole time.

  • It was fun. I enjoyed doing that. I loved it.

  • And from then on, I didn't have any fear of demons, whatsoever.

  • And I didn't fear losing myself if I take them and put them into my heart and show them who they are, as one with me.

  • The first time I had the ability to see,

  • I saw human beings and dimensional beings as one.

  • For instance, there was no differentiation between this world and the dimensions.

  • Everything was one. Everything was white.

  • And I saw human beings and dimensional beings as these white "orbs."

  • It's like I would see... You know when you would see in alpha state?

  • You'd see picture, white, picture, white, picture, white. So I saw human beings walk -

  • picture, white, picture, white, not as everyone sees now, constant pictures everywhere.

  • So now, the dimensional beings I just see it in constant white. Orbs.

  • Now every time I walk, I would be able to see and understand --

  • for instance, there were black holes in human being's presence of themselves.

  • So for instance, if I've seen a human being with a black hole in their stomach area,

  • I'd be able to see, understand, interpret and explain what exactly that black hole represents.

  • Usually, it was points of fear or anger that there hadn''t been forgiveness applied.

  • And there was no transcendence yet.

  • The human being thus in that way, "harmed themselves" as the white orb expression as who they are.

  • I wouldn't see anything else but that black hole.

  • I was just in a moment understand, interpret, explain exactly what that black hole is.

  • And be able to assist and support them in such a way.

  • So it was quite fascinating seeing everything in that way.

  • Human beings and dimensional beings looked exactly the same.

  • So I was in both world at once. And I communicated openly with dimensional beings..

  • Even demons I could communicate with.

  • I could see "red spots" as anger.

  • All the colors, I know exactly what they are.

  • I'd see them, I'd understand them, and be able to communicate with both human beings and dimensional beings, equally.

  • Even my mother! I started communicating with her as well. Honey, from the dimensions.She'd come to me and tell me

  • , "I'm worried about you, you know? I'm worried about your father. And your brother and your sister."

  • And I'd say to her, "Forgiveness. You are still stuck in the Mother Matrix System."

  • And so I'd assist my mother interdimensionally as well.

  • So, this whole world opened up.

  • But then came the Big Fall.

  • So I've told you in terms of what I am able to see and understand, interpret and explain.

  • Experience with the demons, beings, on earth and in the dimensions. Everything. That lasted about a week.

  • And everyone in my world, of course, started to becoming jealous.

  • And angry. And scared.

  • And I allowed that to influence me, extensively.

  • Because nobody liked me. At all.

  • Because, here is this nineteen year old girl that has been here only for a few months, being able to see all these things in one moment.

  • In one moment.

  • And no other experience, nothing.

  • Just opened up in one moment seeing the demons and also seeing both human beings and dimensional beings as one.

  • Being able to communicate with them,

  • seeing these black spots anywhere, anyone, in any given moment I am able to explain what they are,

  • understand where they are, where they come from and how they were created, how it's influencing the human being's world.

  • I could even see human beings and dimensional beings past lives and understand them.

  • I can explain how their past lives are influencing their present life.

  • And all that in one, singular moment. I was 19 years old.19

  • And all these people that was here, were here for much longer and they hadn't been able to do any of it, yet. At all.

  • And so they kind of felt threatened. Very much so.

  • Which I allowed to influence me, and I fell.

INTERVIEW 7: Catching Demons


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