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At the moment, treatments for Alzheimer's are extremely unsatisfactory, but I think
we know a fair amount about prevention of Alzheimer's disease. For example, it begins
as an inflammatory process in the brain so anything that reduces inflammation is protective
and that is why taking ibuprofen everyday reduces risk of Alzheimer's for example. That
is one strategy as an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. We also know that education
is preventive against Alzheimer's disease and dementia and the reason for that seems
to be that education increases what is called neuro redundancy which is duplicative connections
between nerve cells in the brain. So the more connections you've got the more you can afford
to lose before a problem shows up. Are there particular types of education that stimulate
that? I think there are and one I'm sure of is changing your computer operating system
and if you can relate to that particular kind of frustration that comes for a few days when
you've done that and you want everything back the same, you want to put your brain in that
state frequently, that is when neurons are growing new connections. A way to do that
in an ongoing basis is to learn another language. There is very interesting evidence that people
who speak more than one language have better brain function generally and better protection
against dementia. The good news is you do not have to master the language; it's just
the attempt to learn it. It's like running different software through the brain and that's
a good thing to do. So I think there are a lot of strategies of that sort out there that
I think can reduce the chance that you will end up with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.


Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Strategies

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