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  • police in Russia have been conducting searches at several Moscow address is connected to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.


  • She just created, but not renewed.


  • Officers attempted to break down the door of his wife's apartment.


  • They also searched Mr Navalny's home, the opposites of his anti corruption fund and his team's YouTube studio.


  • Rates come after his team held mass protests in cities across Russia on Sunday, calling for the opposition politicians release from prison.

    彼のチームが日曜にロシア全土の都市で 大規模な抗議行動を行った後に料金が発生しました 刑務所からの野党政治家の釈放を要求しています

  • Let's go straight to Emily Sherwin in Moscow.


  • Welcome, Emily.

    ようこそ エミリー

  • Tell us more about these raids.


  • What we've seen, really.


  • A flurry of these raids across Moscow this evening almost simultaneously, including at the apartment that Alexey Navalny's wife is that Giuliana violin there We heard from the scene from our colleagues who are there at the moment that the her lawyer has said that she's not being let into the apartment to see Yulia Nirvana.

    "今晩のモスクワでの襲撃は ほぼ同時に行われています" "アレクセイ・ナヴァルニーの妻は ジュリアナのバイオリンを持っています" "現場からの情報によりますと" "彼女の弁護士によりますと" "ユリア・ニルヴァーナに会うために アパートには入れられないとのことです

  • Thehyperfix of Alexey Navalny's anti corruption fund, has said that at least one of the people in the team has been arrested as well.


  • Andi.


  • He also said that the police apparently say that these searches are part of a criminal investigation into calls to hold um, a protest during the pandemic, referring, of course, back to those protests that happened last weekend.


  • But looking at it from a distance, it does feel a bit like a crackdown against, uh, the allies of Alexi Navalny.


  • Because, of course, Mr Navalny is in prison.


  • Andi, they demonstrations were broken up by police.


  • So this is this is what this is, the Russian state flexing its muscles.


  • Well, some critics certainly might say that we have seen after previous big protests as well, uh, police and authorities opening criminal investigations against protesters.


  • And that's what we've been seeing this week as well.


  • The authorities have opened several around 20 criminal cases so far against protesters, including for police violence, for calling for unauthorized, as they say, protests for blocking traffic.


  • Eso It could be part of that that we're seeing at the moment, but it's also worth pointing out that, um, these searches come almost the same time as EDS.

    Eso それは我々が現時点で見ていることの一部である可能性がありますが、それはまた、指摘する価値があります、うーん、これらの検索はEDSとほぼ同時に来ています。

  • Journalists from Belling Cat and the Insider and other media outlets published a new investigation.


  • Um, looking into what they say is are the same people who may have published um excuse me, poisoned Aleksei.


  • Now, finally, they say that those FSB agents that they say were involved in that poisoning may have also poisoned at least three other public figures since 2000 and 14.


  • Eso The timing of this eyes is rather strange, I would say.

    江曽 この目のタイミングがむしろおかしいというか。

  • Emily Sherwin, in Moscow, Thank you.

    エミリー・シャーウィン モスクワにいます ありがとうございます

police in Russia have been conducting searches at several Moscow address is connected to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.



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ロシア警察がアレクセイ・ナバルニー氏の自宅と事務所を家宅捜索|DWニュース (Russian police raid Alexei Navalny's home and offices | DW News)

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