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  • I'm Jamie Wardley from Sand in Your Eye and I'm helping to make an ultimate castle with


  • English Heritage. I'm also here to give you some top tips. Tip number one: with dry sand


  • you can't make anything. Sand has to be wet, and then you can make beautiful things. Tip


  • number two: to make a castle you need to have a strong foundation so for that I'm going


  • to build a volcano. Ta-da! When you've got your volcano then what you need to do is just


  • get a bucket of water and pour the water into it. Because you've made this nice little rim


  • the water's not going to go down the sides. Then all we do is use your fingers to press


  • on it like you're playing the piano. When you're doing that it actually make the sand

    ピアノを弾いている時のように 叩いてみましょうそうすると実際に砂を作るんです

  • go really really hard. And it will go so hard that you can now build your castle on top


  • of it. Tip number three is to use your hands to compact and carve the sand. Get one hand


  • nice and still and then bring the sand up and pat it against the other hand and that


  • sand's going to go nice and hard. Tip number four is to use a ruler and and knife to do


  • the cutting and the details on your sand sculpture but make sure


  • they're made of wood. So now we've got our motte and we've got our bailey with our keep


  • on the top, we've even got a little village but we've got no walls to defend it so tip


  • number give is to build walls. You push the sand together and pinch down with your thumb.

    ナンバーギブは壁を作ることです。砂を一緒に押して 親指でつまむのです

  • And then just take the sand and give it a little finger tap and when it stops being


  • like jelly then you stop tapping and you'll start to make these towers. It's so nice and

    ゼリーのようになったら 叩くのをやめて 塔を作り始めるんだそれはとても素敵で

  • gooey, look at that! So here we have our sandcastle and it's got its walls but it's got nothing

    ベトベトだ 見ろよ!砂の城があるんだけど、壁はあるけど、何もない。

  • to hide behind for the soldiers to protect themselves so tip number seven is to make


  • crenellations. For this you're going to need a wooden float and plenty of muddy sand. So


  • get your muddy sand and put it onto your wooden float and give it a little finger tap again


  • to vibrate the sand and then if it's too muddy just add a little bit of dry sand and keep


  • going until it turns into a hard piece of sand. You'll then take your ruler and you


  • make a little bit of a chocolate bar. When you've got your chocolate bar you need to


  • cut it up into little blocks then gently take them over and put them onto your towers. Okay


  • so we have our castle and we have our moat but we have no way of getting out so tip number

    お城もお堀もあるけど 出る方法がないのよ

  • eight is to make a drawbridge. So what you do is just make your hand nice and big like


  • this and have it raised a little bit and then just pat the sand over it like so. And then


  • I'm just going to take my hand down and make it smaller and hopefully I'll be able to take


  • my hand out and there will be a little hole left there. And then you can use your ruler


  • just to cut the bridge. And those are our tips for making a lovely sandcastle.


I'm Jamie Wardley from Sand in Your Eye and I'm helping to make an ultimate castle with


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