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  • economic activity in the eurozone shrank significantly in January.


  • Lock down restrictions to contain the pandemic hit the blocks.


  • Dominant service industry, particularly hard hospitality venues, have been forced to close across much of the continent, prompting a sharp contraction in I h s markets PM I survey on Friday.

    支配的なサービス業、特にハードなホスピタリティの会場は、大陸の多くを渡って閉鎖することを余儀なくされている、I hの市場の急激な収縮を促す 金曜日にPM I調査。

  • Overall, the survey scene is a good guide to economic health fell further below the 50 mark, separating growth from contraction, hitting 47.5 in January.


  • That was down from December's 49.1.


  • Chris Williamson, chief business economist at I H S Market, said a double dip recession for the eurozone economy is looking increasingly inevitable.

    I H S マーケットのチーフ・ビジネス・エコノミストであるクリス・ウィリアムソン氏は、ユーロ圏経済の二番底の不況はますます避けられないと述べた。

  • A PM I covering the service industry dropped to 45 from 46.4, but the survey revealed manufacturing remained strong as factories largely remained open.


  • The manufacturing PM I held well above break even at 54.7, albeit slightly weaker than December's figure, a Reuters poll this week showed The bloc's economy is expected to grow north 0.6% this quarter and will return to its pre crisis level within two years on hopes the rollout of vaccines will allow a return to some form of normality.

    製造業の首相は、私は54.7でさえブレークをよく上回って開催された, 12月の数字よりもわずかに弱いとはいえ, ロイターの世論調査は今週示した ブロックの経済は、この四半期に北0.6%を成長させると予想されており、ワクチンのロールアウトは、正常性のいくつかのフォームへの復帰を可能にするだろうと期待して、2年以内にその前の危機レベルに戻ります.

economic activity in the eurozone shrank significantly in January.



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1月のユーロ圏の活動は縮小し、サービスは打撃を受けた (Euro zone activity shrank in January, services hit)

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