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  • Sarah, If you refuse to speak to me... I have not refused.

  • You have and it's unbearable.

  • I think you know by now that I find it particularly difficult and

  • I have trouble...

  • expressing...

  • yes expressing.

  • But I thought what we did was rather wonderful.

  • as did I.

  • However ill-conceived may have been.

  • Are you saying you're regretted.

  • no

  • that's not what I meant but we did not think it through

  • what it was.

  • The question is not what was it.

  • it's what is and what will be I'm asking what you want?

  • damn it sarah I can't do this anymore I this talking in circles it's maddening

  • john I will make a decision for the both of us if i must.

  • very well good night Sarah

  • In the hospital you asked me did I want a family.

  • and you said that you did, I have dreamt about it often

  • but I realize here in this room what it is I value most dearly in life

  • I was born a gentleman I've grown accustomed to behaving in a certain

  • correct way not quite saying what it is I want and

  • what I don't want what do you want?

  • I want you.

Sarah, If you refuse to speak to me... I have not refused.


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Sara Howard and John Moore Founded a way Back | The Alienist Season 2 Episode 7, 8 Scenes

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