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  • Interviewer: All right, here's Paul Wesley in the mansion.

  • Paul: In the mansion. My mansion. This is my home. Welcome.

  • Interviewer: Well, we don't Stefan in this home, though, at the beginning

  • of the season. He's kind of stuck in the safe.

  • Paul: Right. That's my other home.

  • Interviewer: Is he settling in, is he putting up drapes, is he getting

  • comfortable?

  • Paul: He's getting comfy. He went to Bed Bath & Beyond. And he got

  • himself... all he can fit is a neck pillow. So, he's got one of those.

  • Interviewer: Well, I'm just imagining you filming scenes in this confined

  • little space, supposedly underwater. How is that to do?

  • Paul: Actually, it was a bit of a fiasco. I don't want to get into it, it's

  • a little boring. But basically, if you ever try to lay down 100 percent

  • sort of horizontal underwater, it's a physical reaction where, I'm thinking

  • about blood, man. Where water will go in your nose and you sort of start

  • drowning. And they needed to shoot it horizontally. So, there was this huge

  • conversation about how I was just trying to explain to him that I needed to

  • be sort of somewhat vertical.

  • It was a big fiasco, man. We had to rebuild the thing. And anyway, we

  • finally made it happen where I'm at a 45-degree angle, but we're cheating

  • at that I'm horizontal. So, when the audience see it, there's a little

  • tidbit of exciting knowledge for you. That I'm on a 45-degree angle. I

  • think everybody tuned out at this point.

  • Interviewer: No I don't think so.

  • Paul: This TV fanatic has no more followers.

  • Interviewer: Talk about playing the doppelganger. Because we've seen you

  • play different sides of Stefan before. But this is a different character

  • impersonating Stefan. Can you talk about that a little bit? And working

  • with Ian in those scenes.

  • Paul: It feels like my everyday life, man. When I leave work, I don't what

  • the hell, Stefan, Paul, I don't know. It all becomes interchangeable. It's

  • nice to play a different character. I like playing different characters,

  • especially with Damon, because he doesn't treat me like the little brother.

  • It's kind of more, Damon's my little brother in a way. So, it's nice, sort

  • of, with the different changes and power shift, I suppose.

  • Interviewer: Nice. We know that Stefan will eventually get out of this

  • confined space.

  • Paul: Let's hope. Or not.

  • Interviewer: When or if he ever gets out, what do you think his first

  • objective will be? Is it just to rush back home?

  • Paul: I think he's not going to have an objective because he's so kind of

  • screwed up in the head. I think the first thing he's going to want to do is

  • to feed. Because he's starving. So, that's going to be exciting to see

  • that.

  • And I think the other thing he's been grappling with, whether he's still

  • sort of the moral Stefan or if he's a new guy. I think he's sort of finding

  • out that he's not the same person that he was.

  • Interviewer: Okay. Do we see any flashbacks in these first episodes?

  • Paul: You see flashbacks to things, but they're not necessarily time

  • flashbacks. And they may or may not be hallucinations. But we are going to

  • a flashback in this season, we always do. I love those.

  • Interviewer: Either as the doppelganger or as Stefan... Catherine is very

  • changed now since she's human. I'm guessing you have some interactions with

  • her in one character or the other?

  • Paul: Right. Yeah, I do with one character or another.

  • Interviewer: How different is Catherine now? Can we expect a different

  • Catherine now that she's human?

  • Paul: She just has no, she doesn't have the same pizzazz. She's a mere

  • mortal. Like us.

  • Interviewer: What's been the biggest challenge so far this season in

  • playing either sides? Whether it's Silas or Stefan?

  • Paul: What was the most challenging thing?

  • Interviewer: Yeah. Has there been something more challenging than the

  • other?

  • Paul: I think the most challenging thing was like, there's a temptation to

  • sort of make Silas wildly different. And I think that I sort of didn't want

  • to make him all of a sudden, have some weird accent. Or start walking just

  • for the sake of differentiating the two of them. I kind of had to grapple

  • with people being like "Oh, they're very similar."

  • I had to sort of, like, be very aware of their similarities, but also,

  • their differences and really distinguish them. And not have to make a show

  • out of it.

  • Interviewer: All right. Thanks so much, Paul.

  • Paul: All right, man. Thanks.

  • Interviewer: Thank you. All right.

Interviewer: All right, here's Paul Wesley in the mansion.


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