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  • we have a knob ligation.


  • The Biden administration intends to join the Kovacs Vaccine Facility, which aims to deliver Corona virus vaccines to poor countries.


  • President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci, spoke to the World Health Organization from Washington on Thursday, a day after the inauguration.


  • He also confirmed that the United States would remain a member of the U.


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  • Agency.


  • I am also pleased to announce today that the United States plans to work multilaterally to respond Thio from the Cove in 19 pandemic.

    私はまた、米国は多国間でティオ 19 パンデミックのコーブから対応するために働くことを計画していることを今日発表することを喜んでいます。

  • President Biden will issue a directive directive later today, which will include the intent of the United States to join Kovacs and support the ACT Accelerator to advance multilateral efforts for covert 19 vaccine, therapeutic and diagnostic distribution, equitable access and research and development.


  • W H o Head Tedros Adhanom Gabri ASIS welcomed the decision.

    W H o Head Tedros Adhanom Gabri ASISはこの決定を歓迎した。

  • This is a good day for W H.


  • O and a good day for global help.


  • The roll off the United States, its role global role is very, very crucial and I send my deep tanks and warm congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris and to the American people, W H O officials said earlier this week that the first coronavirus batches air expected to go out to poorer countries in February under the Kovacs scheme.

    ロールオフ米国、その役割グローバルな役割は非常に非常に重要であり、私は私の深いタンクとバイデン大統領と副大統領ハリスに暖かいお祝いを送り、アメリカの人々に、W H O当局者は、最初のコロナウイルスバッチ空気がコバックススキームの下で2月に貧しい国に出て行くことを期待していることを今週初めに言った。

  • But they also raised concerns that richer countries air still grabbing the lion's share of available shots.


  • Fauci also said the United States will quote fulfill its financial obligations to the WH show, adding it would work with the other 193 member states on reforms operation at all levels.


  • Today I'm instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization widens Predecessor Donald Trump halted funding to the W.

    今日、私は私の政権に世界保健機関への資金提供を停止するよう指示しています 前身のドナルド・トランプ氏は、世界保健機関への資金提供を停止しました。

  • H O, announcing plans to withdraw in July 2021.


  • Mismanaging and covering up, he accused the W H O of being China centric in the initial stages of the outbreak, a charge rejected by Ted Ross.

    誤った管理と隠ぺいをして、彼はW H Oが発生の初期段階で中国中心であると非難したが、テッド・ロスはこの告発を拒否した。

we have a knob ligation.



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ファウシ米国はWHOに留まり、世界的なワクチン計画に参加することになる (Fauci: U.S. will remain in WHO and join global vaccine plan)

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