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  • Yes, and I'm going to go straight to the live pictures at the White House because we've seen Marine one waiting there.


  • We saw it land what a little over 10 minutes ago, and I think is the cameras.


  • Just zoom in.


  • You get the first glimpse off the outgoing president, Donald Trump, with the first lady there on the red carpet, you can see there gathered members of the White House staff and the president just drifting over towards them.

    退任するドナルド・トランプ大統領を 最初に垣間見ることができます ファーストレディーがレッドカーペットの上にいます ホワイトハウスのスタッフが集まっていて 大統領が彼らに向かって漂っているのがわかります

  • A few final words.


  • And of course, you'll remember the geography of this because so many times in the last four years, that is exactly where flanks of journalists crowd when the president is leaving the White House on route to an event where so often we've seen pretty trenchant views given to the assembled journalists there before he clambers onboard Marine One, and the helicopter will just a few final thoughts.

    もちろん、あなたはこの4年間で何度もこの地理を覚えているでしょうそれはまさにジャーナリストの脇腹が群がっている場所です 大統領がホワイトハウスを出て行く時に イベントへのルート上で

  • If there are cameras down there, I'm sure in the coming minutes we'll hear those words from the president.


  • But he didn't link along as a quick wave there, too.


  • Those people before he gets on board as we watch these pictures, let's bring in from Washington Post national correspondent Mary Jordan.

    この写真を見ながら 彼が船に乗る前に ワシントンポストの メアリー・ジョーダン記者を紹介します

  • She is the author of The Art of Her Deal.

    彼女は『The Art of Her Deal』の著者です。

  • The Unauthorized Biography of Melania Trump.


  • Mary, welcome to the program.

    メアリー 番組にようこそ

  • Uh, your thoughts as we enter the early stages of Inauguration Day.


  • Well, im about, you know, I could walk Thio the White House from where I'm feeling if it weren't for all the security and the guards and I could just tell you that people are exhausted from Trump and the countdown is really I mean, people are just kind of holding their breath until noon and feel like it's New Year's Day here.

    私はホワイトハウスの中を歩くことができましたもし警備員や警備員がいなかったら... 人々はトランプ氏のせいで疲れ果てていて カウントダウンは本当に... 人々は正午まで息を止めていて

  • Because last night in the middle of the night, uh, Donald Trump once again was wielding his power.


  • His last minute power, he pardoned, uh, Steve Bannon and 142 other people on Bright at noon right away.

    彼の最後の力で スティーブ・バノンと142人を 赦免したんだ 正午にブライトですぐにね

  • Uh, Joe Biden, as the new president, is going to use his power and start reversing all kinds of things on climate immigration.


  • I mean, it is like black and white on and off.


  • It's like a switch and, you know, it's just kind of if you're sitting here in Washington, you're, like going okay, please let this transfer.


  • Go down that trump era, be over and let's start again.


  • I suppose what you just described is the junking off a lot off the last four years of politics.


  • It will be a much harder task, though.


  • When you look at wider America, the individuals, the ordinary Americans, the 70 million plus who actually voted for him, it is not easy to actually move them from the positions they have adopted.


  • Well, you know, it is a really important point that 70 million people voted.


  • I mean farm or voted for Joe Biden.


  • But I do think Andi, I'm sure that Donald Trump lost a lot of those people that voted for him when he incited that riot.


  • Andi Yes, he still has support, but there is enormous damage that's happened since January 6, when five people died after he drew his supporters and lied to them.

    安井 そうですね、彼にはまだ支持がありますが、1月6日に支持者を引きずり出して嘘をついて5人が亡くなってからの被害は甚大なものがあります。

  • He drew them to the capital, lied to them and said that that this was broad eso he has lost.


  • I mean, I've talked to numerous people in numerous states.


  • I spent a whole year talking to people during this Trump administration in what we call Trump's America and, you know, a lot now rides on Joe Biden.


  • He's gotta listen to them.


  • He's got to realize there's a lot of people with different views in this country, and I think you know, he's up for the job.

    この国には様々な意見の人がいることを 理解しているはずだ 彼はこの仕事に向いていると思うよ

  • I mean, many people see him.


  • He's he's older, that he feels in his head.


  • I've got four years and then I'm out and they're starting today as soon as he gets power booth going.


  • So I think Marine when one about Thio take off a zit heads Thio Andrews Air Force Base will stay with these pictures for the next few minutes that Mary's we talk to you.


  • I mentioned there in the introduction, though your biography off the first lady.


  • Have you spoken to people who have been in contact with her since those appalling scenes on Capitol Hill a fortnight ago?

    彼女と接触した人と話しましたか? 2週間前の国会議事堂での 恐ろしいシーン以来?

  • You know, she went into hiding, and I did.


  • I spoke to a lot of people who saw her, and while her husband was angry, he was in the Oval Office.


  • He was furious that you know people.


  • He got his PGA Golf tournament pulled from him.


  • Um, his own party started turning against him, and he was ranting and raging, and she was just off in the other part of the White House, kind of unfazed.

    彼の党が彼に反旗を翻し始めて 彼はわめき散らして激怒していた 彼女はホワイトハウスの別の場所にいて 淡々としていた

  • Looking ahead on, she said, according to the people around her, she was telling him it's over.


  • She was not in favor of the rally.


  • Uh, she and she starts doing what she always does, you know.


  • She focuses on small details and practical things.


  • She started moving to Florida.


  • Um, you know, you couldn't imagine two people with a different demeanor as impulsive as he is, you know, she's kind of steely, icy rock.


  • And yet there they are, hand in hand, leaving together.


  • Perhaps the most unconventional couple will ever see in the White House.


  • Yes, on leaving the White House, as we can see on the screen, it'll be interesting to see if he ever is actually going through the doors again.


Yes, and I'm going to go straight to the live pictures at the White House because we've seen Marine one waiting there.


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