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  • US President Donald Trump has pardoned former White House aide Steve Bannon.


  • It's part of a wave of over 140 pardons and commutations he is issuing during his final hours in office.


  • But Trump has not pardoned himself, members of his family nor personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.


  • Bannon was a key adviser on Trump's 2016 campaign and some of his staunchest anti immigration policies as president.


  • He was charged last year with swindling Trump supporters over an effort to raise private funds to build the president's wall on the US Mexico border.


  • In a statement, the White House called Bannon an important leader in the conservative movement known for his political acumen.


  • Trump also pardoned Elliott Bridey Ah, former top fundraiser who pleaded guilty last year to violating foreign lobbying laws, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was serving a 28 year prison term on corruption charges.


  • Rappers Kodak Black and Lil Wayne, who were prosecuted on federal weapons offenses, were also granted pardons, according to a source familiar with the situation.


  • White House officials told Trump he shouldn't pardon himself or his family because it might look like they're guilty of crimes, while presidential pardons air typically given to people who have already been prosecuted.


  • They can also cover for conduct that has not yet resulted in legal proceedings.


  • Trump will leave office on Wednesday, when Joe Biden was sworn in as the next president of the United States Come.


US President Donald Trump has pardoned former White House aide Steve Bannon.


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トランプ氏はバノンを含む70人を恩赦にするが、自分自身は恩赦にしない (Trump pardons 70 including Bannon, but not himself)

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