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  • But you have my word.


  • We will manage the hell out of this operation.


  • U.


  • S President elect Joe Biden laid out his plan to get Americans vaccinated and promised to do better than President Donald Trump in controlling the pandemic.


  • Speaking near his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday, Biden said he would invoke the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of equipment needed for vaccine rollout, refrigeration and storage.


  • Our plan is as clear as it is bold.


  • Get more people vaccinated for free, create more places for them to get faxes, mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people's arms, increased supply and get it out the door as soon as possible.


  • Under Biden's planned federal disaster, relief workers would set up thousands of vaccination centers where retired doctors would administer shots to teachers, grocery store workers, people over 65 years old and other groups who do not currently qualify.


  • He has pledged to vaccinate 100 million Americans during his for 1st 100 days in office as the coronavirus has killed more than 390,000 people in the U.


  • S.


  • And the death toll could reach 500,000 by February, according to a top Biden adviser.


  • Biden said his administration will release the vast majority of doses when they become available, rather than holding back a large portion to ensure that recipients could get a second dose, which had been the Trump Administration's approach for much of the rollout.


  • The Trump administration had aimed to give vaccine doses to 20 million Americans by the end of 2020.


  • But Onley 12.3 million coronavirus shots had been administered as of Friday morning, out of more than 31 million doses distributed to states, according to data from the 500.

    しかし、オンリー 1230 万コロナウイルスのショットは、500 からのデータによると、状態に配布された 3100 万以上の用量のうち、金曜日の朝の時点で投与されていた。

  • They were lying.


  • They don't have any doses help back.


  • There is no strategic supply for the second doses.


  • Biden's vaccine plan comes as governors of several states accused the Trump administration on Friday of deception in pledging to immediately distribute millions of Cove in 19 vaccine doses from a stockpile that the U.


  • S health secretary has since acknowledged does not exist.


  • Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar had said on Tuesday that the administration would release millions of doses it had been holding in reserve for booster shots in order to help spur a sluggish rollout off first doses to those most in need of the vaccine, but on Fridays are suggested in an interview with NBC that the doses in question had already been allocated to the states.

    保健福祉長官アレックス Azar は火曜日に言っていた、政権は何百万もの用量をリリースするだろうと言っていたそれはブースター ショットのための予備で保持されていたワクチンの最も必要とする人に最初の線量をオフに不振のロールアウトに拍車をかけるのを助けるために、金曜日に問題の用量はすでに州に割り当てられていたことを NBC とのインタビューで示唆されています。

But you have my word.


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