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So, this is a candle meditation. It's just like it sounds. You meditate on the flame
of the candle. All you're going to do is come into an easy seated pose any way that's comfortable
for you. If you can't sit easily in a cross-legged pose, you might want to use a prop, a block
or a bolster or something to sit up on so that your knees fall beneath the level of
your waist. You're going to sit with your lighted candle in front of you. Find a comfortable
position for your hands. Sometimes people like to do palms down. Palms up is nice too,
because energetically, you've got energy flowing from your palms and through your fingers.
Sometimes I also like to sit with my hands resting in my lap, just like this. All you're
going to do is come into this easy seated pose and gaze at the flame on the candle.
Just if you like, you can turn the lights down. We're not going to turn the lights down
here, cause then you couldn't see what the heck I was doing. So you're going to gaze
at the flame of the candle, just breathing easily and focusing there, easy as pie. Try it for
just one to three minutes; see what happens, see how you feel.


Simple Meditation Techniques : Candle Meditation

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Hhart Budha 2014 年 6 月 14 日 に公開
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