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  • North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun has given himself the title off general secretary of the country's ruling Workers Party.


  • Now we're not much for titles, but in North Korea they mean quite a lot.


  • For Kim, taking on a title last used by his father Kim Jong Il, is a way to consolidate his authority in the one party state.


  • This at a time when the economy is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic and continuing US led sanctions sanctions that the country would want to see the back off, but not at the cost of its nuclear weapons.


  • On Arsenal, Kim Jong eun has pledged to expand while again taking aim at the United States during an ongoing party conference.


  • This is what he had to say.


  • I quote Our foreign political activities should be focused and redirected on subduing the US, our biggest enemy and main obstacle to our innovated development on court and for more on what this means.

    私は引用する 私たちの外国の政治活動は、私たちの最大の敵であり、法廷で私たちの革新的な開発の主な障害である米国を鎮圧することに焦点を当て、リダイレクトされるべきであり、このことが何を意味するかについての詳細については、次のとおりです。

  • I'm joined by Youngmin Kim, correspondent at NK News in Seoul, South Korea.


  • NK News is a website focused solely on reporting and analyzing news from North Korea.


  • Jeongyeon welcome North Korean antagonism towards the United States is well known.

    全聯歓迎 北朝鮮の対米反感はよく知られている。

  • So should we be reading anything into Kim Jong Eun, calling it the biggest enemy they did use the term biggest main enemy.


  • But it's not the first time that North Korea called United States like that.


  • Um, it did return this time.


  • After a while, they didn't use that term during the period of the town to that started in 2018 with the Singapore summit between Kim Jong UN and US President Donald Trump.


  • But obviously, after Donald Trump walked out on Kim Jong Un's during the Hanoi summit in 2019, it seems that North Korea is thinking that that could have been a waste of time.


  • And now they're not going to put much energy into improving relations with the United States in the close future.


  • I think that's why they have reverted back, Thio their old phrase, um, seeing United States as the biggest main enemy.


  • What does that mean for the incoming Biden administration?


  • What will the Biden administration do now and how will they be dealing with Kim Jong Eun moving forward until now, U.


  • S.


  • President elect Biden did not share much hint about what the policy direction would be.


  • We do not know yet if he will indeed see that much has changed between us and North Korea after they started leader to leader discussion with Kim Jong un but from North Korean side.


  • It seems that, for example, they said theme Onley Onley Onley method for the U.


  • S DPRK relations to improve its for the United States to drop its A k a hostile policy which is also very poorly defined.

    北朝鮮との関係を改善するために、米国はまた、非常に貧弱な定義である敵対的な政策をドロップするために、そのA k kのためにその関係を改善する。

  • It's also something not new.


  • It's very old.


  • Um, it seems that for Biden administration, this means Kim Jeong Eun won't be offering any opportunity for dialogue first.


  • It means that by an administration probably has to reach out first.


  • Um, but for now, it seems pretty unclear where we are headed from now on with North Korea um, going back, thio becoming this hostile to the United States.


  • But young in the core of the problem still remains.


  • On the one hand, you have North Korea that refuses to give up its nuclear weapons, and on the other hand, you have the United States on the rest of the international community that say's unless you give up those nuclear weapons, you will not receive sanctions relief.


  • So we have this deadlock situation is so what you're saying is it looks like this will continue.


  • Yes, I'm pretty sure this is going to continue for a while.


  • Um, if you see the readout from the party Congress from Friday, which was reported on Saturday, um, North Korea, not on Lee discussed the direction towards the united policy direction towards the United States, but it also focused a lot of column length on about their military capacity.


  • How they are going thio be felt their capability even more.


  • They had a very long list of wish lists that they wanted, Um, in the next coming years, like tactical nuclear weapons, uh, more nuclear warheads, longer range I C B M, um, and solid fuel I CPM diesel can count as provocation for the by an administration and about sanctions.

    彼らは非常に長い希望のリストを持っていました。今後数年間で、戦術核兵器、核弾頭の増強、射程距離の延長、固体燃料のI C B M、ディーゼルのI CPMなどのように、政権による挑発と制裁についての要求がありました。

  • They are saying, um, if you look at the economic policy that they share during party Congress, they're focusing very much on building up a self reliant economy that does not falter regardless of what happens in the external relations, which means which probably means sanctions.


  • They it seems that they're thinking Biden administration won't be budging that much about sanctions relief.


  • That's why they're saying they're just going to hold on to this leverage of military capacity.


  • John Mann came.


  • We'll leave it there for the time being.


  • But thank you so much for joining us.


  • Thank you.


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun has given himself the title off general secretary of the country's ruling Workers Party.



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